Hideez Key 4 - Universal Bluetooth, NFC, USB Security Key. Password vault, OTP Generator for 2FA, FIDO authenticator, Proximity-based lock, RFID door lock
Hideez Key 4 - Universal Bluetooth, NFC, USB Security Key. Password vault, OTP Generator for 2FA, FIDO authenticator, Proximity-based lock,  RFID door lock
Hideez Key 4

Hideez Key 4

Bundle with Hideez USB Bluetooth dongle

Security Key & Password vault with extended connectivity (BLE, NFC, micro-USB) and a rechargeable battery. Hardware password manager that can store and automatically fill your login credentials. Hardware token for 2FA and passwordless authentication based on TOTP, FIDO U2F, and FIDO2 support. The Key can lock/unlock Windows PCs by proximity and open RFID door locks with a pre-programmed RFID tag. 

Within Hideez Enterprise solution, Hideez Key 4 can be used as an IAM tool allowing to manage the identities and access rights of employees to workstations, protect access to all digital accounts & files and avoid security risks. Customization is available upon request. 

Minimum system requirements: 

✔ Windows 10: Password management, proximity-based PC lock (wireless connection via Bluetooth dongle): 
Android 8.0, Windows 10: FIDO authentication (via internal Bluetooth) 
macOS, Linux, Windows 10:  FIDO authentication (via Micro USB to USB cable) 
iOS 13.3, Android 8.0: FIDO authentication (via NFC) 

This product will to be shipped in August 2021.

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Extended Connectivity

Hideez Key 4 combines the benefits of password-based and passwordless authentication, supporting BLE, NFC and USB connection for maximum usability


U2F & FIDO2 passwordless

Enjoy touch-based passwordless authentication and MFA across FIDO-enabled browsers and platforms (Google and Microsoft services, AWS, popular social networks, etc.)



Employees can store up to 1,000 logins and passwords from any websites or files, and enter them automatically at the push of the button. The device can generate OTPs like a hardware token for 2FA


Smart lock
for multiple workstations

Lock and unlock workstations automatically by device proximity. Hideez Key 4 causes locking or unlocking the screen without having to enter anything on the keyboard



Free up space in the pockets of your employees. They can use Hideez Key instead of a smart card to open RFID electronic door locks in your office.


Universal IAM solution

Within Hideez Enterprise Solution, you get tools for comprehensive control over managing roles and access privileges for users, automated provisioning, built-in reporting, and more

Main Features

Secure Password Vault

Store up to 1,000 login credentials & strong passwords in a hardware vault. Input passwords with a single click, thwarting keylogging attacks. Hideez Client software verifies website addresses to prevent phishing.

Passwordless Authentication

The FIDO2 authentication eliminates the traditional threats that come with using a login username and password, replacing it with the FIDO2 passwordless login standard. It protects against common online attacks such as phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Multifunctional Security Key

Generate strong and unique passwords, lock/unlock your PC by proximity, create secure data backups. Generate one-time passwords (OTPs) or use the key as a U2F security key for two-factor authentication.

RFID Door Lock

Are you tired of carrying a bunch of electronic keys from your home, office, gym? Free up space in your pocket by using Hideez Key to open RFID-enabled electronic doors. Note: Hideez Key can store only one RFID at a time.

What are the benefits?

Zero-knowledge Password Vault with 2FA and more

• Compatibility with password-based legacy mode, providing password-based systems with the highest levels of access control protection and usability.

• Secure password vault with a login/password input based on button click and integrated TOTP capability.

• Smart proximity-based authentication and unattended workstation logout.

• Enterprise-ready with Active Directory integration, centralized user provisioning, and incident response handling.

Support for the FIDO U2F and FIDO2 authentication

• FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd factor) authentication protects against phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and malware attacks by transferring the credentials only to the original websites or services.

• FIDO2 is a further development of the U2F protocol. It has all the functionality of the U2F protocol plus passwordless authentication via WebAuthn API, and you don't need to create a login and password altogether.

FIDO authentication is supported in Google Chrome,
Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari Browsers. Hideez key
connects to your devices via USB, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), or NFC technology

FIDO supported platforms and browsers

FIDO supported websites, applications and services:

Simpler Authentication,
Fast and Convenient Logins


Reduces the need to remember and type passwords


One device works across all services


Works with the same devices that people use every day


Based on public key cryptography


No linkability between services or accounts


Keys stay on device

Out-of-the-box Compliance

Dimension & weight

1.3 x 1.3 x 0.4 inch

0.3 oz


FIDO authentication: Windows 10, Android 8+, macOS, iOS, Linux

Password vault & Smart Lock functionality: Windows 10 + Hideez Bluetooth Dongle


Asymmetric cryptography. Elliptic curve cryptography on the P-256 curve.

Communication protocols

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), NFC, micro-USB


LIR2032 (70 mAh, rechargeable via micro-USB port)

Hideez Key 4

Applicable for personal and business use
across the industries

Customization is available for the bulk orders
Hideez Keys bulk order