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Hideez Smart Lock protects your PC by proximity

The basics of any security system is to lock the access to the work station every time you leave your workplace. The simplest way to do it is proximity based technology of Hideez.

Smart computer lock software is a small utility tool used to lock computer to prevent unauthorized desktop access. This is a helpful tool for people working with confidential data such as healthcare, legal, or financial firms or those who want to ensure that intellectual property rights are maintained. Busy professionals working at home with kids or pets will equally benefit from this software avoiding accidental key presses from the keyboard or kids accidently accessing the adult material or unwanted content.

The best computer locking tool on the market right now is Hideez security keys. 

Basic technology description

Hideez Key 3 and Hideez Key 4 are multifunctional hardware security tokens that are sold in a bundle with the Hideez USB Bluetooth dongle. The user has to download Hideez Client software that allows storing and auto-filling his login credentials at the push of the button, generating strong NIST-compliant passwords, and locking/unlocking his Windows 10 computer based on the user's proximity. The devices also have a unique RFID tag that can be pre-programmed to open any RFID door lock at office buildings, data centers, factories, etc., thus replacing a smart card all at once.

Both models support FIDO U2F and FIDO2, the two open authentication standards aimed at reducing the world’s over-reliance on passwords. It means that these security keys can be used for passwordless authentication and 2FA on FIDO-supported browsers and platforms, the number of which is growing steadily. FIDO authentication is supported on Windows 10, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android 8+ devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, NFC or micro-USB.  

The main features of a single device include:

  • Password management. The key stores up to 2,000 login credentials, no need to remember passwords and restore them. Unlike other password managers, Hideez also allows access to apps and protected files, not only web services. The best passwords are simple ones, secured by 2FA and safely encrypted on a hardware device far from hackers. 
  • One-time password generation. Generate time-based OTPs at the push of the button. Hideez key inputs the OTP directly to the requested field, which not only saves time but prevents mistakes when the number is mistyped. 
  • Two-factor authentication. 2FA based on FIDO U2F compatibility adds an extra layer of protection to your accounts in Google, Youtube, Facebook, AWS, etc. Hardware MFA devices are proved far more effective at securing your identity than software-based counterparts.
  • Passwordless authenticationHideez Key can replace logins and passwords with a lightning-fast “passwordless” authentication for many popular web services based on compatibility with FIDO2 authnetication standard.
  • Proximity-based smart lock. Your proximity is measured by the strength of Bluetooth signal between your PC and the Hideez device. The screen is lockes itself automatically once you walk away.
  • Electronic door lockHideez Key is equipped with RFID module that works on the 125 kHz frequency bandwidth. Free up space in your pocket by using Hideez Key instead of a smart card. A unique RFID tag can be pre-programmed to open any RFID door lock at office buildings, data centers, factories, etc..

Hideez Keys can be used either as a standalone product or within Hideez Enterprise Solution, an advanced IAM tool applicable for businesses in any industry. The solution allows seamless incorporation of NIST recommendations, facilitates enterprise password management, and ensures centralized security control of both physical and virtual endpoints without additional employee training.

If you are looking for a universal security solution for personal use, you may consider tokens such as Hideez FIDO Key 3 and Hideez Key 4. And as for business owners, our experts can help find the right cusomiazble solution for your organization, so don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation right now :)