Smart Lock. Proximity Lock for PC | Hideez

Hideez Smart Lock protects your PC by proximity

The basics of any security system is to lock the access to the work station every time you leave your workplace. The simplest way to do it is proximity based technology of Hideez Key.

Smart computer lock software is a small utility tool used to lock computer to prevent unauthorized desktop access. This is a helpful tool for people working with confidential data such as healthcare, legal, or financial firms or those who want to ensure that intellectual property rights are maintained. Busy professionals working at home with kids or pets will equally benefit from this software avoiding accidental key presses from the keyboard or kids accidently accessing the adult material or unwanted content.

The best computer locking tool on the market right now is Hideez Key. Undoubtedly choosing this software and hardware solution  works best.

Basic technology description: Lock and unlock your devices based on your proximity measured by the strength of Bluetooth signal from your Hideez device. The simplest and most effective way to protect the sensitive information of your device is to lock its screen just by walking away.