There are many different versions of security keys out there, same goes for password managers and key finders. Hideez does all 3 functions.  Overall, it's a great little device for what it does. The best part is the price, others (like FlashID) with the same price tag can do 1/10th of what this key does. 

Nick Serge, Nome co., President

I am using it daily without any issues. I have tried also applications for Windows and Android and they are working as expected. Overall usage of the product is as simple as should be and I am very happy with it.  

Jakub Cieslar technical team leader

Hideez is the most exciting cybersecurity project in Ukraine right now.  Their product - digital key, makes passwords irrelevant and disrupts a huge market for identity-protection.

Nicolas Whitehill
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Trusted by Enterprise Clients. Loved by Users. The Top password keeper to prevent security breaches at any scale. Hideez Key is a reliable and convenient authentication standard.

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About Hideez

What we do

Hideez Key is the last mile in Identity and Access Management solutions. With Hideez Key password manager you get full accountability for managing passwords. High security keys store 1000 passwords for on and off-line services. It is a perfect protection from phishing and lost password that guards high-value users such as IT admins. Hideez Key works with popular browsers and desktop applications. It operates via encrypted Bluetooth channel and is based on Nordic chip.

Password Storage

Forgot password and password recovery can be a real problem in fast-paced environment. The best password keeper Hideez Key safely stores 1000 passwords for web and off-line services and 100 RFID keys. The credentials can be exported to encrypted CSV file for recovery purpose, and besides Hideez recommends purchasing two devices for safe backup and recovery in case you lose one device.

Hideez Key

Hideez Safe is a secure password storage that can save 1000 passwords from desktop and online applications. It is security lock and key for convenient usability and secure transfer of credentials from password manager to any application. Simply tap the button on your key instead of retyping passwords, codes, or receiving calls from telecom. Hideez Safe is a perfect way to Gmail password recovery and in case of Hotmail forgot password. With Hideez Safe you will never be asking yourself “what is my password”, all credentials are stored on the hardware vault and are never disclosed to anyone.

No more phishing and key logging

Hideez security key systems protect digital identity by checking the URL trust before granting access to personal information reducing the chance of phishing. With the Hideez Key - password keeper, user login is bound to the original URL, meaning that only the real URL that you have entered by yourself can authenticate with the key. The authentication will fail unless the two URLs match. The passwords from Hideez Key - the password keeper are inserted by the invisible pin, eliminating the chance of keylogging attack.

How to choose security key

When selecting the security key systems look for the following details:

Reputation – The best password manager does not have security flaws and went through penetration testing. Hideez Key took penetration test by white hackers at HackIT convention.

Platform support – Almost every service security key available on the market need USB adapters. You'll want your passwords available to you on every device you use. Choose wireless security key device to support all existing mobile and desktop operating systems.

Synching – All passwords and credentials should be up-to-date at all times. Avoid password manager that syncs through iCLoud, Dropbox, or other cloud services. The best password keeper should be independent and not transfer your personal data to the third party like cloud or telecom provider.

Browser integration – Opening your password manager and copy/pasting credentials to wherever you need them is not safe. The password manager must interact with your browser of choice, so it can autofill names, passwords, and credit card details and simultaneously double check the URL safety.

Strong encryption – You want to be sure the password manager has encrypted password database properly using a strong cipher.

Backup / Recovery – Hideez Key - the security key systems - has the ability to back up and recover passwords to and from .csv file and another Hideez Key. Passwords can be exported and imported likewise.

Password Generator – Since the password manager is designed to keep passwords strong and unique, password generator will do this for you very quickly.

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