There are many different versions of security keys out there, same goes for password managers and key finders. Hideez does all 3 functions.  Overall, it's a great little device for what it does. The best part is the price, others (like FlashID) with the same price tag can do 1/10th of what this key does. 

Nick Serge, Nome co., President

I am using it daily without any issues. I have tried also applications for Windows and Android and they are working as expected. Overall usage of the product is as simple as should be and I am very happy with it.  

Jakub Cieslar technical team leader

Hideez is the most exciting cybersecurity project in Ukraine right now.  Their product - digital key, makes passwords irrelevant and disrupts a huge market for identity-protection.

Nicolas Whitehill
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About Hideez

Brief overview

Hideez Key fills the last mile in Identity and Access Management. Hideez Key allows for managing and storing 1,000 passwords for online and offline services. It protects against phishing and lost passwords, guarding high-value users such as system administrators. Hideez Key works with popular web browsers and applications. It operates via an encrypted Bluetooth channel and is based on a Nordic chipset.

More secure password management

Forgetting your password and dealing with password recovery is a real problem people face everyday. Hideez Key safely stores up to 1,000 passwords and 100 RFID keys - and inputs them with a single click over an encrypted Bluetooth channel. The credentials can be exported to an encrypted CSV file for recovery purposes.

Simple setup & user-friendly interface

Hideez Key is controlled through the Hideez Safe app, available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. Setup is easy and import options available for leading password management software. With Hideez Safe, you'll never ask yourself “what is my password?”, all credentials are stored in a secure hardware vault, not on the cloud, on any proprietary servers or Internet-connected devices.

Protect against phishing and keylogging

Hideez security systems protect your digital identity by checking the trust ratings of URLs before granting access to personal information, reducing the chance of phishing. Only the original URLs that you setup will authenticate. Your credentials are inserted by invisible pin, eliminating the risk of a keylogging attack.

Competitive advantages

When selecting a personal security key, we recommend:

Reputation – The best password managers proactively fix security flaws and regularly conduct penetration testing. Hideez Key recently passed a penetration test by white hackers at HackIT.

Platform support – Almost every security key on the market uses USB. A wireless security device like the Hideez Key supports both mobile and desktop operating systems.

Syncing – Keeping your passwords and credentials up-to-date at all times is a breeze. Avoid password managers that sync through iCloud, Dropbox, or other cloud services. Password managers should be independent and not transfer your personal data to third parties via the cloud or a telecom provider.

Browser integration – Opening your password manager and copy/pasting credentials whenever you need them is not safe. Your password manager should seamlessly integrate with your browser, autofill names, passwords, and credit card details and simultaneously double check URL safety.

Strong encryption – Secure password managers must encrypt their password database using strong cipher and industry-standard protocols.

Backup/Recovery – With Hideez Key, backup and recover passwords to and from a .csv file or another Hideez Key.

Password Generator – Hideez Safe has a built-in one-time password generator for strong, unique passwords that will keep your accounts and transactions safe.

Featured News

Navigating HIPAA Authentication: Ensuring Compliance with Hideez Key

Navigating HIPAA Authentication: Ensuring Compliance with Hideez Key

There are many IT solutions on the market that can help healthcare organizations meet the security requirements for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) clauses on safeguarding protected health information (PHI). HIPAA’s security rule lays out specific administrative, physical, and technical components that are necessary for full compliance. Hideez supports compliance with HIPAA demands for ePHI protection as a multi-factor authentication solution.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hideez

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hideez

Here’s a roundup of answers to some of the most common inquiries we receive about Hideez and our all-in-one digital key for endpoint identity & access management. If you have any additional questions or would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected].

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