Hideez Authenticator: Fast and Secure Mobile Authentication for Enterprise Security


Hideez Mobile Authenticator


Hideez Authenticator is an Android and iOS app that provides fast and secure access to corporate apps and web services with mobile sign-ins. Let employees access their accounts on desktop computers using their smartphones!


✔ Single sign-on for any apps and services;
✔ Secure Windows login by scanning QR codes or generating offline codes;
✔ One-time password generator for accounts that require 2FA;
✔ Biometric access to the Authenticator for extra security;
✔ Protection against different types of online attacks, including phishing, spoofing, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Please note: Hideez Authenticator app is a part of the Hideez Authentication Service for enterprises. You need to have the Hideez Authentication Server deployed and the Hideez Client App installed on your PC beforehand.