Security Solutions for Manufacturing & Critical Infrastructure

Enhance security and boost workforce productivity with the power of passwordless security solutions. Let employees access their accounts, workstations, and workspaces in seconds, minimizing the risks of data breaches.


Data breaches linked to stolen credentials

105 sec.

Average time employees spend on login


Average number of unmanaged OT devices

$2 Million

Expense for restoration after a cyber attack

How to ensure security at the manufacturing workplace?

Accounting for 23% of global security breaches, manufacturing sector is the most targeted industry worldwide. Key issues include unsecured devices, insufficiently trained personnel, and a lack of executive leadership support. In this context, Passwordless Authentication emerges as a cutting-edge solution to enhance both employee security and productivity. Unlike traditional password-based methods, passwordless technology relies on innovative authentication methods such as biometrics, smart cards, or device-based authentication. By eliminating the need for easily compromised passwords, it significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches in industrial settings.
Hideez Authentication Scenarios

How Will Your Organization Benefit From implementing passwordless Authentication and Access Control?

  • Security of IT & OT Systems: By removing reliance on passwords and traditional MFA, passwordless authentication reduces the risk of unauthorized access, bolstering the overall resilience of critical industrial systems.
  • Mitigation of Human Factor: By eliminating the need for manual username and password input, the vulnerabilities stemming from weak passwords, sharing practices, or susceptibility to social engineering attacks are significantly reduced.
  • Seamless Access: Employees benefit from quick and hassle-free authentication, particularly crucial in environments where speed is essential. Passwordless access contributes to increased operational efficiency.
  • Improved Visibility & Access Control: Advanced access control mechanisms empower administrators to efficiently manage and monitor user permissions. Access privileges align with organizational policies, reinforcing security protocols and minimizing the risk of data breaches.

How Does Hideez Passwordless Authentication Solution Work?

 Our triple-layered authentication system can be customized to your preferences, ensuring maximum convenience. Choose from several authentication methods and use them together or individually.
passwordless authentication

Say Goodbye to Passwords: Experience True Passwordless SSO

Regardless of how many Identity Providers you have, Hideez can assist you in getting rid of passwords. By expanding your investment in SSO and making it passwordless, you can attain the highest level of assurance for all of your applications. With Hideez, the possibilities for authentication are endless!

remote administration tools

Streamline Your Workflow  with Remote Login Solutions

With Hideez, you can equip your team with speedy and straightforward passwordless security that works on all their devices, applications, networks, and more. By using Hideez, you can streamline and consolidate logins for desktops, RDP and VDI, which can boost your team's efficiency no matter where they are working from.

Proximity-based PC Login and Unattended Logout

Our hardware security vaults store up to 2,000 passwords per device. With automatic proximity lock/unlock for PCs, you can ensure that access to your desktop computers is always secure. Our solution also provides the ability for remote user logout, allowing you to end user sessions remotely.

Seamless Integration with Cloud Based and On-Prem Services

Our access and identity management tools integrate seamlessly with Active Directory and Azure AD, providing centralized authentication with SAML SSO. Our user authentication solution supports both modern and legacy applications.

Admin Console for Managing  Users and Access Rights

Our user access management tools allow you to manage authentication methods and access rights of all employees, with the ability to revoke or delete users from a central admin console. With customizable solutions, easy deployment, and support, you can manage user access with ease!

Internet Connection Is Not Required for End Users

Stay connected to your corporate resources even without an internet connection. Our passwordless authentication solution allows employees to access apps and log in to workstations offline. With our mobile app, employees can using one-time access codes, while Hideez Keys offer one-touch login with a PIN code.


Hardware Security Keys for Manufacturing & Critical Infrastructure

Explore the real-world applications of hardware security keys in an industrial setting. Discover how Hideez can improve your employees' login experience through proximity-based PC login and logout, complemented by passwordless sign-into both legacy applications and modern web services.

FIDO U2F (Level 1) Certified 

FIDO2 (Level 1) Certified 

Citrix-Ready Solution

FIDO2 Security Key Vendor

Meets NIST 
Password Guidelines

AWS Marketplace Product

Get Ready For A Passwordless Future In Your Organization!
Free trial - Hideez Authenticator, Passkeys


Duration: 1 month

Hideez Server in the cloud for up to 15 users

Authentication tools: Passkeys, Hideez Authenticator app

Passwordless MFA

✔ Passwordless sign-in to web services and apps

Passwordless login to Windows PCs

Unlimited Email support or Online calls

Free trial - Hideez Authenticator, Passkeys

$6 user/month

Volume pricing available, subject to number of employees

Hideez Server: Cloud-based or on-premise (Windows / Linux server); 

Unlimited number of users 

Authentication tools: Passkeys, Hideez Authenticator app, Hideez Keys (purchased separately)

Passwordless MFA

Passwordless sign-in to web services and apps

Passwordless login to Windows PCs

Automated PC logout, password management, and MFA using Hideez Keys

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