HIPAA requirements to information security of healthcare organizations

  • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all e-PHI they create, receive, maintain or transmit.
  • Identify and protect against reasonably anticipated threats to the security or integrity of the information
  • Protect against reasonably anticipated, impermissible uses or disclosures; and
  • Ensure compliance by their workforce

Link: HIPPA for professionals

Risks for healthcare information

  • Unattended unlocked computers
    Unattended workstations may be left unlocked and put under threat patient information
  • Not secure password storage
    Complex passwords that are difficult to memorize and changed often could be written down and unintentionally exposed
  • Malware and phishing attacks
    Employees may unintentionally click on phishing links or run malware apps which could lead to stealing patient health information

Link:  Largest Healthcare data breaches of 2018/

“As of December 27, 2018, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has received notifications of 351 data breaches of 500 or more healthcare records. Those breaches have resulted in the exposure of 13,020,821 healthcare records.”



Hideez Security Solution for the Healthcare Industry

  • Centralized Credentials Management
    All access credentials are encrypted and securely stored on the Hideez Keys. Medical Stuff does not have direct access to it, so the risk of impermissible use of the credentials is significantly reduced. 
  • Automatic Password Input
    No need to memorize passwords to computers, programs, and files. Easily protect patient data with complex secure password and change it as often as you need without collapsing work of your medical practice. 
  • Proximity-based computer lock
    The computer is locked automatically and instantly once you walk away. Ensure HIPAA privacy security by Effortless compliance of your workforce. 
  • Secure Password Management
    Hideez Security Solution will not enter your credentials to unknown websites and apps. It protects healthcare data against phishing attacks and malware. 
  • Two-Factor Authentication
    Enable two-factor authentication to ensure the highest security of healthcare information


Use cases

Health professionals use computers for short periods of time, moving from place to place and signing on at multiple workstations. They agree to make some effort to unlock a computer, but no one is ready to lock it. At the same time, employees aren’t ready to put up with a short timeout on locking a computer. The problem forces them to spend a lot of time unlocking computers. Bluetooth proximity from Hideez technology basement provides a means to solve the mentioned problems making the lock/unlock process completely transparent. The solution enables fast and transparent hands-free authentication as well as a secure system if a health worker leaves the proximity zone. In this way, Hideez saves time, increases productivity and makes it possible to concentrate more on professional activities.  

How can you access the right workstation in the same working area with wireless technology in a fast way? Hideez manages proximity-level starting from a few centimeters. Also, Hideez uses RFID as an extra factor of identification to guarantee that a user gets access to the right computer. 

How can you manage multiple users on the same computer and guarantee that the user who unlocked a computer and the user who is signing the transaction are the same person? The case is common for pharmacies where there is a high probability of conflicts between users on the same computer. Hideez provides an API that allows you to check the authenticity of the user by engaging software before signing the transaction. 

Hideez makes it possible to implement completely hands-free authentication processes and is suitable for use in working areas where strict infection controls are in place (HAI).   

How can you minimize the number of fobs on your keyring? With Hideez you have a single device for both logical access to systems and physical access to the working area. 

Increase the efficiency of your healthcare organization

  • Instantly login into any shared computer in your organization
    Proximity-based computer auto-login saves time on password entering. No need to memorize complex passwords.  
  • Inbuilt RFID Key
    Hideez Key can also unlock RFID locks in your medical office. Cut overhead costs related to issuing and management of RFID cards for your staff.  
  • Intelligent Dashboard
    Get more control over and insights about  computer access in your organization and timely spot any risks to healthcare-related data
  • Efficient employee offboarding
    Save time by instantly disabling all access credentials of leaving employees and protect patient data rigorously

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In the course of daily routine, the clinicians access several applications and websites via PCs in patient rooms. Maintaining HIPAA compliance and accessing McKesson Paragon, Horizon Medical Imaging, vendor, and government sites became a challenge. To improve clinician’s productivity, we have introduced Hideez Enterprise Server and password management solution.

Doctors and nurses sign in automatically to approved applications, such as Physician Web. The clinicians can do this in one step. Accessing patient data and handling charting at the bedside became easier. Leaving alone productivity, it leads to better patient care. We have implemented rigorous password policies, password expiration, and even randomly generated passwords. To do this without impacting user convenience is a huge bonus.

– Stephenie Meyer


Hideez Key
  • Stores 1000 passwords
  • 2FA
  • One-time-password
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Hideez Lock
  • Lock and unlock your PC
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Hideez Wallet
  • Secure storage
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Hideez Server
  • Control BYOD
  • Grant and confiscate Privileged Access
  • Reset passwords
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