Hideez Enterprise Solution for Financial Organizations

Hideez solutions for Finance


The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) articulates authentication standards and recommendations for stronger online banking security for financial institutions. Administrative application Hideez Safe supports all applications on PC or smartphone, including VPNs, remote access gateways, on-premises and cloud-based applications and more. Hideez provides APIs to cover custom and proprietary banking and financial software and secure SSO, Single-Sign-On Solution. Increase speed of new employees’ adoption and turnaround with sensitive information and risk of data leakage.


Protect intellectual property


Passwords remain the last mile of defense against digital identity theft. Credential stuffing, phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and malware attacks have impact not only on company’s financial state but also bears reputational risks for financial institutions. Hideez Solution addresses FFIEC guidelines with strong second factor authentication and OTP generation technology that is resilient against man-in-the-middle attacks.


Privileged Acess Management

Hideez Key offers either independent low-cost Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution or a supplement to existing IAM designed specifically for financial companies that automates fast and secure access to scoring applications, enterprise solutions such as Active Directory, Azure, etc. Deliver the first password, grant or seize access to critical infrastructure in a matter of seconds, define physical location, and measure employee productivity with Hideez Enterprise Server.


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The September 2017 and the Deloitte breach, compromised client’s emails, including those of U.S. government agencies and large enterprises. That taught us a lot in terms of better protection for our consultants. With Hideez Password Manager in place, we are sure that the company takes good care of projects under NDA.

– Sam Carter


Hideez Key is the best password manager, 2FA, and RFID key for physical access control for delivering the first password, eliminating lost password, and risk of human factor when it comes to securing the system from the end-point. Hideez Enterprise Server is an Identity and Access Management solution for managing privileged access, managing remote offices and employees, controlling physical access

  • Strong security — Strong two-factor authentication that protects against credential stuffing, phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and malware attacks. Compliance with PCI Data Security Standards, GCSx CoCo, HIPAA, SOX.
  • Easy to use — unpack, set-up, and go.
  • High privacy — Allows users to choose, own, and control their online identity.
  • Multiple choices — works equally well with iPhone, Android, PC, laptop, on-line services, RFID and NFC locks, Microsoft Office.
  • Cost-efficient — $59 for the storage of 1000 logins, 100 RFID marks, OTP, 2FA, 4 devices, and server-facing environment.
  • Electronic identity — Identity proofing is offered for organizations requiring a higher level of identity assurance.


Hideez Key
Hideez Key
  • FIDO2 passwordless logins
    Proximity-based lock & unlock
    Secure password vault
    RFID electronic door lock
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Hideez Server
Hideez Server
  • BYOD Management
  • Grant and confiscate Privileged Access
  • Reset passwords
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Hideez Client
Hideez Client
  • Connection between Hideez Key and Enterprise Server
  • Centralized credential management
  • Automatic protection from phishing
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Hideez Dongle
Hideez Dongle
  • USB Bluetooth connection
    with the workstation
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