Hideez Key 2
Hideez Key 2

Hideez Key 2

A compact, wearable, all-in-one Bluetooth-enabled hardware key. Apart from being a secure password manager and OTP generator, it has a smart lock/unlock feature for PCs (based on proximity) and a programmable RFID tag for physical access control management.

Compatibility: Windows 10

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Key features

Secure Password Vault

Store up to 2,000 login credentials & strong passwords in a hardware vault. Input passwords with a single click, thwarting keylogging attacks. Hideez Safe app verifies website addresses to prevent phishing.

Multifunctional Security Key

Generate strong and unique passwords, lock/unlock your PC by proximity, create secure data backups. Generate one-time passwords for multi-factor authentication (MFA) as an additional layer of security.

RFID Door Unlock

Use Hideez Key as an electronic key to access your office, home, gym. Copy your existing key to Hideez for more space in your pocket. RFID sensor included for extra security.  Note: Hideez Key can store only one RFID at a time.

Use Cases

Password Vault

Store your credentials securely and keep them physically separated from your main device. Hideez Safe App also provides automated password input. No additional plug-ins or setup are required.

Smart Lock

Hideez Key’s built-in smart proximity lock/unlock over Bluetooth automatically disables access to your PC when you walk away. Enjoy peace of mind that your information & projects are safe when you leave your desk.

OTP Generator

Generate one-time passwords for multi-factor authentication (MFA) and online banking. We created a reliable and tamper-resistant way to do this.

RFID Keychain

Are you tired of carrying a bunch of electronic keys from your home, office, gym? Free up space in your pocket by using Hideez Key to open RFID-enabled electronic doors. 

Dimension & weight

1.3 x 1.3 x 0.4 inch

0.3 oz


OS: Windows 10

RFID Ready

ATMEL T5577, that is compatible with EM Microelectronic-Marin standard and HID (125 kHz). Please contact us to request modules supporting other standards like MIFARE NFC (13.56 MHz)


Bluetooth 4.1+


CR2032 (up to 6 months)

Hideez Key 2 Characteristics


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CEO Insight

Oleg Naumenko

The idea for this product came from a personal need to get rid of a bunch of keys and make it easier to work with passwords—but on the highest security level. Solutions had to be simple, easy to use, and secure at the same time. We had gotten used to having at least one accessory along with our bunch of keys. But now, it’s just one small, wireless Hideez Key for the modern world.

— Oleg Naumenko. Founder, CEO

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