Hideez Key 2

Wireless password manager & storage. Save your credentials securely and keep them physically separated from your main device (Not in Cloud!). Use automated password input scripts for sites and mobile applications. Encrypted Bluetooth connection without any cables (bluetooth 4.0 required!).

  • - Store your credentials securely
  • - Lock and unlock your devices based on your proximity
  • - Generate one-time passwords for two-factor authentification and online banking
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Hideez Enterprise Server

Hideez Enterprise Server manages Hideez keys, federates associated endpoints, and stores digital identity information.

- HES checks the authenticity and legitimacy of end-points as well as Hideez Keys.

- Depending on the security requirements, Hideez identity and access management is either deployed on-premise or in Cloud.

- HES controls all Hideez Keys of the company, integrates them with existing infrastructure, assigns users to Keys.         

- Unifies end-point administration and security control.

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