Advanced Password Management for Enterprise. Hideez Electronic Password Keeper

Password manager, our secure auto login to desktop, online app, ERP or CRM system

What is password manager?

A password manager is a service that stores and retrieves strong passwords from encrypted storage. Password managers come in the form of a software application, online services, or hardware tokens, like Hideez Key 3 or Hideez Key 4.

Hideez Key is an advanced password manager device that provides secure automatic login to wrkstations, online accounts, ERP, or CRM systems. With a universal password manager business can quickly increase the security of endpoints, deliver the first password, grant or seize privileged access, and manage access to data of temporary staff. Enterprise password management allows seamless incorporation of NIST recommendations using strong passwords, enabling 2FA without expensive employee training. Hideez Authentication Service provides a passwordless experience for employees – read more about the process in our blog.

Why do you need a password manager?

Username and password remain the last mile in endpoint cybersecurity. Credentials are used universally for work email, personal email, Google services, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Online Banking, CRM, ERP system, etc. As of 2017, the average professional keeps track of dozens of user name/password combinations, and around 82% of cyber-attacks were caused by weak or reused passwords. Those combinations are the basis of traditional Identity and Access Management. Yet it is, in fact, remarkably old, cumbersome, unreliable, and insecure as a solution — and less than a third of people use multiple usernames and passwords, leaving their digital identity easily compromised. 

Electronic password keeper allows users to save credentials (Hideez Key 3 and Hideez Key 4 store up to 2,000 logins and passwords) and provides secure web login. No need to remember passwords and restore them. Unlike other enterprise password managers, Hideez also allows access to apps and protected files, not only web services. The best passwords are simple ones, secured by 2FA and safely encrypted on a hardware device far from hackers. 

What is the best password manager for enterprises?

The best practice for the security-conscious company is to implement a password management solution that handles the creation and management of users or connected devices as well as user’s access and authentication into external and internal applications, databases, or networks. Whether you are a publicly traded corporation, a government institution, a small to medium-sized business (SMBs), or even a start-up, the need for an electronic password keeper has never been greater. In fact, given the regulatory, security, and PR implications, the Hideez Advanced Hardware Password Manager solution could be the most critical information security best practice you will ever implement.

Are password managers safe?

Hideez Key addresses challenges in endpoint user authentication with omnichannel password manager, storage, and access management solution for multiple logins across devices and locations, reducing risks of Human Factor. User credentials are encrypted and stored on a hardware device, plus when retrieved, the data is transferred via an encrypted channel.

Using Hideez Authentication Service, the end-user can input their credentials from the Hideez Key, but cannot open the vault itself, i.e., does not know the passwords and cannot manipulate them (copy, delete, update, etc.). It allows for advanced password protection not only from external hacks but from unintentional leaks and malicious insider activity.

Bluetooth connectivity for the Hideez password keeper electronic device makes it possible to avoid virus penetration via USB port, as well as “key in a lock” issue, and maintain BYOD policies.

How does electronic password keeper work?

When used in enterprises, IT administrators manage passwords on behalf of the employees. They create employee accounts, register devices, and workstations in Hideez Authentication Server. Then they save passwords for the required websites and services. Once an employee connects his/her Hideez Key to a PC, the credentials are transferred from the server to the device. Since the server doesn’t store credentials after the data transfer, no one can see or leak the password. Employees login in seconds by pressing a button on their Hideez Key or using hotkeys.

Hideez solution also allows unlocking a PC or an electronic door lock hands-free. Several methods are available: proximity controls, tap on a Bluetooth dongle, or RFID reader. To secure a computer with 2FA admins can set up a PIN or master password. 

The most common use cases and benefits of the password manager

  • Username and password keeper is required for employees dealing with sensitive and confidential information.
  • RFID is used to access restricted and hazardous areas.

Offline password keeper Hideez Key mitigates the following risks and reduces the impact of negative factors on core operations:

  • Hideez Key helps to reduce the human factor during the identification and authentication process.
  • Solves “weak password”, “forgot password” and “recover password” problems for both users and the IT department.
  • Eliminates the need for remembering passwords.
  • Automatically blocks the PC or application when the user isn’t around with proximity controls.

Hideez Safe Password Keeper Application

Password Keeper Application Hideez Client works with the latest versions of the most popular Internet browsers — Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Edge. In these browsers, Hideez Client determines the site domain name from the current browser tab and uses it to select the appropriate passwords. As well as other password management applications, it protects the user from keylogging, phishing, malware, and other password-related attacks.

Using Hideez Key along with Hideez Client and Hideez USB Bluetooth dongle allows users to perform the following operations:

  • Lock/unlock PC based on proximity using the radio-signal indicator for the Bluetooth signal (RSSI).
  • Store user credentials from web and desktop services.
  • Encrypt data, according to the AES-128, RSA-1024, and ECC.

Hideez Client is a free password manager app that auto-updates from The primary purpose of the digital password manager is to protect the user from phishing and malware. Unlike other password management applications, Hideez Client never sends credentials into the cloud or to a third party.

With Bluetooth connectivity and RFID tracking, password keeper Hideez Key is a powerful tool for maintaining cybersecurity policies, human resource management, and corporate safety. 
If you are looking for a universal security solution for personal use, you may consider tokens such as Hideez Key 3 and Hideez Key 4. And as for business owners, our experts can help find the right cusomiazble solution for your organization, so don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation right now.