Hideez FIDO Security Key - Passwordless Authentication and MFA
Hideez FIDO Security Key - Passwordless Authentication and MFA
Hideez FIDO Security Key - Passwordless Authentication and MFA for Enterprises

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Hideez Key 4 - Universal Bluetooth, NFC, USB Security Key. Password vault, OTP Generator for 2FA, FIDO authenticator, Proximity-based lock, RFID door lock

Hideez Key 4

Hideez Key 4 - Universal Bluetooth, NFC, USB Security Key. Password vault, OTP Generator for 2FA, FIDO authenticator, Proximity-based lock, RFID door lock


Hideez FIDO Security Key

Hideez FIDO Security Key is a Bluetooth token for easy multi-factor authentication (MFA) and secure passwordless authentication that can be used all across FIDO-enabled browsers and platforms. The device is phishing-resistant and supports FIDO U2F and FIDO2 standards.

Hideez FIDO Security Key can also be used as a part of the Hideez Enterprise solution for the extended functionality of the device (Password vault, OTP Generator, Smart lock, RFID Door Unlock, etc.) at a corporate level. 

Compatibility: Windows 10, Android 8+

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Use Cases



One Hideez Key can replace all logins and passwords with a simple “touch and go” experience based on FIDO2 compatibility



Generate one-time passwords and use Hideez FIDO Key as your second layer of security for MFA based on U2F compatibility



Hideez can input credentials only to original web services and applications. No more phishing risks and related cyber threats


FIDO (Fast ID Online) is a set of specifications developed for strong and convenient authentication. It is developed by the FIDO Alliance, a non-profit organization that seeks to standardize authentication and eliminate the use of passwords across websites and apps.

There are three sets of specifications for authentication: FIDO Universal Second Factor (FIDO U2F), FIDO Universal Authentication Framework (FIDO UAF), and the Client to Authenticator Protocols (CTAP). Together, they are known as FIDO2 standard.

All FIDO protocols are based on public key cryptography and are strongly resistant to phishing (for more information, see How FIDO Works). For example, Hideez Key comes in the form of a small Bluetooth keychain. User unlocks it using a button and a securely-entered PIN instead of remembering a whole bunch of complex passwords.

The FIDO Alliance has more than 250 members, including global tech leaders across enterprise, payments, telecom, government and healthcare. FIDO standards are supported by major browsers and operating systems, such as Windows 10 and Android platforms, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari browsers. The number of FIDO-enabled Platforms and browsers is constantly growing.

Passwordless logins are supported in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge Browsers.
The key connects to your Windows PC or Android devices
via Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE)

Applicable Across Different Industries


Hideez FIDO Key works based on U2F and FIDO2 protocols. It means that authentication and MFA are done without a username and password – they are replaced by the security key itself.
Hideez Key 2 is used to store passwords, enter them automatically, and simplify multi-factor authentication by generating one-time passwords (OTP). This method is not passwordless but is still much more secure and convenient than manual password management.
By encryption. Our Bluetooth radio signal is encrypted to each paired device with a unique connection key. You may have heard or read that you can “listen in” on a Bluetooth headset’s radio channel, but that’s only true for unencrypted Bluetooth channels. On the web, we utilize industry standard HTTPS protocol, with data encryption using SSL / TLS. To protect against phishing, our application checks the URL of the webpage the user used to input their credentials and can check the integrity of the password field (for some compatible web resources). Hideez also protects against keyloggers by using either hot keys or the hardware button on the key fob.
Hideez Key uses a standard CR2032 battery that typically lasts for 6 months of normal use. The memory on the device is non-volatile, so if you replace the battery you don’t lose any data.
The enterprise version extends the functionality of the device, enabling comprehensive password management, proximity authentication, and achieving centralized identity and access control. Our experts assist the company in deploying Hideez Enterprise Server (HES) and configuring Hideez Keys to be used by employees.
FIDO Table

Dimension & weight

1.3 x 1.3 x 0.4 inch

0.3 oz


FIDO authentication: Windows 10 and Android 8+ devices via internal or External Bluetooth 4.0 BLE

Password Vault & Smart Lock functionality: Windows 10/11

RFID Technology

ATMEL T5577 is compatible with EM Marin standard and HID (125 kHz).
Please contact us to request modules supporting other standards like MIFARE NFC (13.56 MHz)


Bluetooth 4.1+


CR2032 (Replacement frequency: every 6 months)

User manuals & FAQ
Hideez Key 3 Characteristics
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