Touchless Computing can Save Lives!

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Keyboards are often a breeding ground for bacteria, are notoriously hard to clean well and present great danger especially in the hospital settings with shared computer use and high concentration of the disease. 

Numerous articles have documented this phenomenon and in today’s time of pandemics where hospital staff needs to be kept safe, it presents a challenge like never before.


Hideez Zero Touch solution allows hospitals to prevent medical staff from passing bacteria via computer keyboards, in hope to stave off the spread of the virus within the facility.

Using the advances in voice recognition built into most modern operating systems and mobile devices, coupled with its wireless security key which stores the logins and passwords on it together with 2nd factor authentication, Hideez is able to free medical staff from touching the keyboard completely when entering notes or ordering tests. 


Hideez Contribution

To assist healthcare establishments in their noble efforts against the pandemic, Hideez is discounting all its software licenses to zero for the period of pandemic and 3 months afterwards. Hospitals are advised to email in order to take advantage of the offer.