Hideez Enterprise Server For Fast and Secure Authentication

Hideez Enterprise Server


In a digital world, meeting compliance and regulatory standards, as well as improving ability to detect insider threats describes the company’s ability to scale and compete. Access points and environments are constantly changing. Perimeters under control are disappearing, user populations are mobile and outside of the network walls. Traditional identity and access management (IAM) controls are no longer enough in today’s dynamic digital environments. Companies are no longer confident about who has access to what and should they have that access.


Hideez enterprise server manages Hideez keys, federates associated endpoints, and stores digital identity information.

  • Hideez Enterprise Server checks the authenticity and legitimacy of end-points as well as Hideez Keys.
  • Depending on the security requirements, Hideez identity and access management is either deployed on-premise or in Cloud.
  • Hideez Enterprise Server controls all Hideez Keys of the company, integrates them with existing infrastructure, assigns users to Keys.
  • Unifies end-point administration and security control.


Hideez identity and access management solution manages remote employees locally, grants privileged access to critical infrastructure and seizes it whenever needed.

  • Integrate Hideez Enterprise Server with existing LDAP to manage all entry points in the directory of IT resources.
  • Upload the list of users into LDAP and allow Authorization via LDAP
  • Manage user roles including privileged access management
  • Manage Hideez Keys
  • Remote password management; issue, change, deliver.
  • Remotely delete or block Hideez Key from the ecosystem.
  • Data export and Import
  • NIST и PCI-DSS Standards

System requirements:

Cloud Hideez Enterprise Server

Google Chrome v.58 +, Microsoft Internet Explorer v. 11.0+, Microsoft Edge.

Local Hideez Enterprise Server


  • Windows Server 2016 x64, Windows Server 2019 x64

  • CentOS 7, 64, CentOS 8 x64

  • Ubuntu 18.04 x64, Ubuntu 20.04 x64


  • Static IP

  • 4 GB of RAM

  • 4 GB of disk space

  • MySQL server 8.0

Uninsulated and isolated department comparison


  • No need to disclose credentials to employees anymore. Invisible credentials transferred via Bluetooth from proximity-based hardware password manager.
  • Get full accountability for managing passwords on behalf of your employees with One and Only Key for 1000 on-line and on-premise services and Administrator Panel
  • Perfect supplement for existing infrastructure, MFA, SSO, Enterprise Mobility Management, Cloud Solutions, Identity and Access Management or Privileged Access Management, etc.
  • Context sensitive access permits and restrictions in enterprise risk management.
  • All-in-One Key for physical entry, second factor authentication, and one-time-password manager. It fully replaces smart cards, OTP software, and telecom or other second factor.
  • Minimize risk of Human Factor and ensure Business Continuity with multi-purpose Hideez Key and identity and access management software.


Enterprise Risk Management

  • Hideez Enterprise Server monitors and manages all users
  • Privileged access for Privileged Users with a Hardware Token
  • Software token to guard non-privileged users
  • Easily Implemented and Accepted. Users are self-educated.
  • Easy and convenient way to change/replace credentials and reduced Login time.