Hideez Authentication Service is Now Available on AWS Marketplace!

Hideez Authentication Service on AWS Marketplace


We are delighted to announce the availability of Hideez Authentication Service as a Security solution in the AWS Marketplace! AWS Marketplace serves as a digital hub hosting thousands of software listings by independent vendors, simplifying the process of finding, evaluating, procuring, and deploying software compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In an era of expanding applications, systems, and cloud environments, organizations encounter escalating challenges concerning data security, identity and access management, and the time and resources required for implementing transformative technologies. With this launch, AWS customers gain accelerated access to Hideez's cloud-native platform within the AWS Marketplace. IT professionals, developers, and business users, regardless of their technical expertise, can swiftly and effortlessly integrate and automate data flow between Azure AD and the Hideez Server, seamlessly transitioning their enterprise to a passwordless paradigm.

Oleg Naumenko, Chief Executive Officer at Hideez, emphasized the significance of this development, stating, "With Hideez Service now accessible on AWS Marketplace, we empower all AWS-utilizing organizations to embrace passwordless enterprise and facilitate remarkably convenient identity management, all while fortifying protection against unauthorized access. This marks a substantial milestone in our mission to redefine secure access management for enterprises."

Our entrance into the AWS Marketplace signifies a crucial stride toward expanding the adoption of Hideez's suite of cost-effective, future-ready security solutions.

To delve deeper into this offering, explore our product on AWS Marketplace.


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