The Benefits of Hideez Proximity Authentication

  • Proximity login
    Effortless access to personal or shared desktops with touchless proximity login
  • Auto logout
    When user moves a few meters away from their PC, Hideez triggers an automatic logout
  • RDP access
    Secure multi-method logins for all users: PC, RDP, and personal accounts.
  • Passwordless login
    Convenient passwordless sign-ins to websites using security keys or a mobile app
  • Azure AD
    Seamless integration with third-party IAM solutions, Active Directory and Azure AD

How does Hideez Authentication Service work?


Multi-Domain Synchronization

System admins can synchronize users and their accounts with on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD.


with IAM systems

Hideez Service supports SAML 2.0, LDAPS, GRAPH API protocols and does not conflict with other IAM systems (OneLogin, Okta, DUO, etc.)


Fast Cross-Device

Standardize login methods for Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux (Ubuntu) endpoint devices.


Access Management

No need to disclose credentials to employees. Manage access to personal or shared accounts or computers 100% remotely.



Hideez Keys neutralize phishing attacks by recognizing a domain name and distinguishing secure websites from malicious or fake ones.


Time and Cost

With unified user authentication practices, your employees can be way more happy, productive, and secure.

Key Components of the Hideez Service

Hideez Enterprise Server Icon

Hideez Enterprise Server

Hideez Server is a FIDO2 / WebAuthn authentication server & SAML 2.0 Identity Provider for centralized password management, FIDO2 passwordless authentication, and two-factor authentication across apps and websites. Improve your password practices and supplement them with passwordless experience.

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Hideez FIDO Key

Hardware Security Keys

By leveraging Hideez Keys, employees can enjoy the benefits of automatic login and logout for their computers. Our keys empower employees to easily manage and automatically fill in their passwords and one-time passwords (OTPs). Furthermore, you can experience the convenience of passwordless sign-ins to websites that support FIDO authentication.

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Hideez Client Icon

Hideez Client

Our desktop application enables IT admins to connect user authenticators to personal or shared computers. With Hideez Client, employees can conveniently manage their personal accounts, log out of workstations based on user proximity, and configure hotkeys for instant access.

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Mobile 2FA Icon

Hideez Authenticator

Our free mobile app transforms employees' smartphones into handheld security tokens. With the app, they can effortlessly sign in to their accounts on a desktop by scanning one-time QR codes or inputting one-time passwords. Additionally, it offers the convenience of passwordless logon to their computers, ensuring seamless and secure physical access.

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Support for Different Endpoint Devices


Windows 10/11


Android 7.0+


macOS 11.6+


iOS 15+


(Ubuntu 20+)