Unified Desktop MFA: Authentication Tools and MFA Devices for Enterprises

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Desktop MFA clients are undoubtedly the future of network access for enterprises. Based on the so-called Zero Trust security strategy, these methods help protect valuable information and secure desktops for every enterprise employee.

If you want to solve your needs for MFA for desktop, you’ve come to the right place! This concise article will help you learn everything you need to know about Zero Trust network access across all physical and virtual desktop devices.

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication?

To put it simply, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is a type of authentication. MFA security works in a way that requires the user to come up with at least two separate verification factors in order to gain admission to the account, service, or information they want to access.

Passwordless MFA is a key part of a modern identity and access management policy. This is because it decreases the chance of cyber attacks and security breaches. As the user can’t gain access with just a password and username, the added layer of protection safeguards the valuable data from trespassers.

Why Is MFA Key for Companies?

In the context of MFA for business organizations, the benefits of multi-factor authentication apps and services are very obvious. The most apparent advantage they bring to the table is protection against unauthorized access.

While traditional security methods like passwords and usernames still offer solid protection, they come with a number of inherent flaws. They can easily be stolen and are vulnerable to brute force attacks like phishing man-in-the-middle attacks and keyloggers. So, an additional authentication method like a physical hardware key can significantly bring up the security on an enterprise level.

An excellent example of an MFA for enterprise is a one-time password (OTP) sent through email, SMS, or other mobile ID apps. When an employee or other person wants to access a workstation or open up some information, they need to input the OTP sent to their respective channel. If they can’t provide the code, they aren’t allowed access, even if they’ve obtained a password and username.

Starting a Zero Trust Journey

Regardless of whether you’re using an on-prem, cloud, or hybrid IAM platform, if you want to protect domain-wide accounts, you need a reliable, secure, and user-friendly MFA solution. Luckily, there are a lot of methods at your disposal. These include options such as SMS, one-time codes, FIDO security keys, and others, so it primarily depends on what authentication method suits you best.

For instance, The Azure virtual desktop MFA solution is a perfect example of a strong Zero Trust tool. Formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop, this system provides great resiliency and enterprise network security.

Azure offers a variety of options when it comes to prompting users to authenticate. The Azure multi-factor authentication options include the feature to respond to a push notification, enter a code from a software or hardware token, or respond to an SMS or phone call.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your enterprise MFA needs, the Hideez Authentication Service is perfect for the task. This solution supports all use-cases of business users. More precisely, these include workstation and network logon, remote access, cloud access, and identity federation, among many others. This brings us to the next key part of this post, creating Zero Trust access with Hideez.

Zero Trust Network Access With Hideez

The Hideez Authentication Service acts as a centralized virtual desktop MFA system. It connects your employees to their respective corporate apps while ensuring maximum security. Moreover, you can choose from a handful of supported MFA devices and methods, allowing you to manage access in the way that best suits your business. The MFA options include:

  • FIDO Tokens - The Hideez Authentication Service supports U2F and FIDO2 tokens, so you can quickly and easily use your existing passwordless methods or get the secure Hideez Key for maximum security.
  • Smartphones - We also offer mobile authentication solutions in the form of our mobile MFA app. It is a mobile authentication service that enables passwordless biometric multi-factor authentication logins through the user’s mobile device.
  • QR Codes - Lastly, the Hideez Authentication Service enables employees to gain near-instantaneous and secure access simply by scanning the QR code they’re provided with.

The MFA methods we’ve listed above allow for terrific flexibility, regardless of your business’ size. Besides this, the Hideez Authentication Service unlocks additional benefits thanks to its convenient . Most notably, these include:

  • Great Customization - Our next-gen MFA devices are customizable across users, groups, and units. It enables enterprises to automate provisioning, monitor user activity, and manage individual access rights. All of this can help greatly improve workplace productivity.
  • Advantageous Physical Access - The Hideez MFA key fob possesses a built-in RFID module. This allows for a convenient opening of electronic doors at the workplace, adding to the list of MFA options you can utilize to enhance overall security.
  • Excellent Support and Integration - Available for any major Endpoint device (macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux). It is also integrated with a handful of web and app services (SAML2, LDAPS, GRAPH API).

Whether you’re looking to secure the nearby devices in your office or set up a strong remote desktop gateway multi-factor authentication, at Hideez, we can make sure that your Zero Trust journey goes without any issues.

To sum up this article, we want to highlight the importance and convenience of having a single authentication mechanism for your entire enterprise. It can replace all other MFA solutions.

By doing so, the Hideez Authentication Service makes the job easier for admins in the IT department and the helpdesk team. More importantly, it streamlines your enterprise and adds a robust security layer over your valuable business information.

To learn more about Zero Trust identity management and the Hideez Authentication Service, schedule a live demo or contact us to request a free pilot. 

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