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Hideez RFID Keychain


Hideez Key can serve as an electronic key for home, office or gym. Using the RFID features does not require any additional software.

RFID Module in Hideez Key

Hideez Key is equipped with RFID module that works on the 125 kHz frequency bandwidth. The RFID antenna with the control unit can be found under the top cover. This module is not connected to the main board and operates independently from the Bluetooth module.

The RFID module is commonly used for identification in access control systems. Hideez Key can work on two different standards: HID or Em-Marine. However, they cannot be used simultaneously. Hideez Key can store only one RFID code at a time.

The key fob comes with a unique code that has already been put in Em-Marine standard. To use it as tag for your RFID-enabled door system, you should ask your access system provider to include this code into their system.

This code can be replaced by any other code both in the Em-Marine and HID standard. This procedure requires special hardware called a programmer. This equipment is supplied as a part of commercial access control systems (ACS), or it can be purchased separately.

You may ask authorized locksmith service to clone your exiting key fob on Hideez Key.

Note: RFID module is not compatible with NFC modules that are installed in smartphones and tablets, as it uses different frequency range.