Hideez Key Benefits of Hardware Security Key

Hideez Key Benefits of Hardware Security Key

    Products & Services

    Our flagship product, Hideez Key, is a multi-purpose wireless security key. It has encrypted storage with consolidating different authentication tools - password manager, One-Time-Password generator, Fido token, Blockchain signature for PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and also RFID/NFC key for physical access. It can be used in the SME enterprise Healthcare and Hospitality verticals.
    It is based on proprietary encrypted Bluetooth connectivity.

    Business Model

    We focus on developing technology partnerships with large, existing vendors in different verticals. We are also working on licensing & OEM agreements to offer our solution to other vendors
    We have an Identity-As-a-Service subscription model: an additional layer of security to existing Identity and Access Management and PAM solutions. Our key focus is on the extremely vulnerable to security breach sectors: finance, healthcare, etc

    Competitive Advantage

    Hideez Key provides hands-free PC access – no passwords or card swiping. It is compatible with popular existing enterprise infrastructure solutions. Hideez solutions increase employee productivity by reducing lost passwords. Our products and services support compliance & risk mitigation policies. They also protect against identity theft, phishing, credential stuffing, and account takeovers.




    Hideez Server
    Hideez Server
    • Centralized Identity Management
    • Grant and confiscate Privileged Access
    • Assign or reset passwords remotely
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    Hideez Authenticator
    Hideez Authenticator
    • A free mobile app for Android and iOS
    • Login to computers using your phone
    • Passwordless login with biometrics or one-time QR codes
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    Hideez Key
    Hideez Security Keys
    • Hideez Key 3 or Hideez Key 4
      Password management & 2FA
      Proximity-based PC lock/unlock
      FIDO2 passwordless authentication
      RFID electronic door lock

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    Hideez Client
    Hideez Client Software
    • Connection between the Hideez Server and Hideez Keys
    • Add, edit, and delete personal accounts
    • Automatic protection from phishing
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