Hideez Client Application

Hideez Client


Hideez Client is an optional Hideez Authentication Service component that provides its full functionality in addition to FIDO U2F and FIDO2 passwordless authentication.

Hideez Client provides a connection between Hideez Key and Hideez Enterprise Server and ensures the secure management of user credentials by the company's system administrator.

Hideez Client Functionality

• Password manager

• One-time password generator (OTP based on RFC 6238 standard)

• Proximity Unlock. The user can unlock the PC automatically based on proximity between Hideez Key and the PC.

• Tap-and-Go. The user can unlock the PC by tapping Hideez Key on the Hideez Dongle.

• Unattended Logout. The PC will automatically lock when the user walks away.


The user manages personal credentials by himself through the Hideez Client app.

Corporate credentials are managed remotely by the company's system administrator through the Hideez Enterprise Server. Hideez Client also provides the encrypted packet transfer for corporate credential management.

Hideez Client also verifies the authenticity of an application or web service before entering credentials, which protects against the most common phishing problem.

Hideez Client application must be installed on each workstation using the EXE file or an MSI file through group policy.

When installing the Hideez Client application, the user has to specify the server address and then confirm the registration of the workstation on the server. That means one can use Hideez Key only with authorized PCs.