Next Generation Tap-and-Go with Hideez Authentication Service

Next Generation Tap and Go Hideez

Doctors and nurses move between patient rooms and back-office areas logging multiple times into multiple workstations. The dynamic environment requires quick and secure authentication, since even extra second or minute matters in healthcare. 

Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions tried to address the issue. Still, many services lack SSO integration forcing medical personnel to enter their credentials repeatedly, wasting valuable time. Medical emergencies can urge an employee to leave an unattended workstation without "badging out" properly, leaving a massive security hole behind, and violating HIPAA

The Next Generation "Tap-and-Go" Solution from Hideez :

Hideez overcomes all of the challenges in one solution. Introducing a wireless security key Hideez Key, healthcare organizations achieve both enhanced security and better experience for medical professionals. This small device replaces smart cards for digital and physical access to the company resources. 

The Next Generation "Tap-and-Go" provides quick login and automatic logout on the go. A built-in password vault allows users to enter any system with strong passwords they don't need to know. It works with any system, whether it integrated an SSO or not. It also has built-in phishing protection, which is crucial given the number of attacks on the healthcare industry.

Healthcare professionals can focus on their patients while Hideez takes care of their security.

Benefits of Hideez "Tap-and-Go":

  • Turbo Authentication 
    Administrator-managed password vault allows employees to login in seconds by pressing a button on a wireless token. Credentials are stored on the token and are invisible to the end-user.
  • Precise Proximity Lock
    Bluetooth-based mechanism locks a PC automatically once an employee walks away from the computer. No need to worry about exposed ePHI because of an unattended workstation.
  • Built-in 2FA Methods
    Custom settings allow to enhance security of particular employees by utilizing one of the available 2FA methods. It can be a PIN code, OTP with automatic input, or passwordless FIDO authentication.

Oleg Naumenko"Developing Hideez Enterprise Solution, we focus on the end-user experience. Doctors and nurses are overloaded with information and responsibilities, and the last thing they need is a complex security protocol. Every feature we have built from a password vault to multi-factor authentication require as little input from medical professionals as possible. Tap-and-go is a breakthrough solution that finally closes a massive security hole caused by unattended workstations."

Oleg Naumenko, CEO at Hideez