Hideez is Now a Microsoft-Compatible FIDO Security Key Vendor

Microsoft-compatible FIDO2Security key vendor

We are thrilled to announce that Hideez Group Inc. has achieved the status of a Microsoft-approved FIDO2 security key provider, renowned for delivering a passwordless experience through the Hideez Key 4. This advanced key supports Bluetooth, NFC, and USB authentication and seamlessly integrates with all FIDO services.

While numerous FIDO2-certified keys exist within the FIDO Alliance, Microsoft mandates specific extensions to the FIDO2 Client-to-Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) specification, ensuring the highest level of security and user experience. Beyond its compliance with the necessary FIDO U2F and FIDO2 protocols to be Microsoft-compatible, the Hideez Key 4 boasts a diverse array of beneficial features:

  • Password Manager and OTP Generator: Safeguard up to 1,000 login credentials and passwords within an encrypted hardware password vault, effortlessly generating strong passwords at the push of a button or via customized hotkey combinations, simplifying password input.

  • Passwordless Desktop Login: Bid farewell to manual password entry every time you log in. The smart login feature automatically unlocks your Windows PC when you're within Bluetooth range, allowing you to set your preferred distance limits and unlocking methods for a personalized experience.

  • Smart Logout: Concerned about security when stepping away from your PC? Worry not! The smart logout feature disables access automatically when you're out of Bluetooth range, guaranteeing the continual security of your device.

  • RFID Keycard: The Hideez Key 4 transcends conventional security keys. It incorporates a pre-programmable RFID tag, effectively functioning as a smart card and eliminating the need for additional pocket space. A simple RFID programmer is all you need to get started. 

Beyond the Hideez Key 4, Hideez Group Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including a mobile authenticator and the Hideez Authentication Service — an all-in-one solution for achieving passwordless access and identity management in multi-user environments.

This solution presents a unique combination of passwordless authentication methods, encompassing hardware security keys, a mobile app, and biometric passkeys, all easily integrated with on-premise Active Directory or Azure AD. Offering 100% passwordless login to accounts and workstations, the system simplifies the management of user identities, roles, and permissions. Compatible with a wide array of FIDO services, including Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter, and more, users have the freedom to authenticate without passwords, anytime and anywhere, without concerns about total network access.

About Hideez

Hideez Group Inc. is a US-based cybersecurity company with Ukrainian roots, specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM). Hideez designs both hardware and software solutions for achieving passwordless authentication. In just five years, the company has evolved from a modest startup to one of the most active members of the FIDO Alliance, forging numerous successful business partnerships along the way. Over this time, Hideez has developed its own identity and access management solution applicable across various sectors, including banking, healthcare, government, and more, earning the trust of satisfied customers worldwide.

For more information, please see the list of Microsoft-compatible FIDO2 security key vendors.

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