Hideez Protects Solutions for the Legal, Healthcare, Technology, Finance Industries

Hideez Solutions for Industries

Nowadays, businesses have to take cybersecurity into account. Hideez offers B2B solutions that make corporate cybersecurity convenient and reliable. Here are some of the industries where Hideez's unique all-in-one physical & digital security key have found use.


Hideez for Legal Indusry

Lawyers are bound to keep client information confidential. It's a key tenant of the American Bar Association's Model Rules of Professional Conduct, rule 1.6(a). Hideez can help ensure the security of confidential client data by verifying users’ identities before granting access to applications and files.

Prevent Client Data Disclosure

Additionally, 1.6(c) states that “A lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, [client information].”

Hideez helps meet these rules by ensuring unauthorized users cannot get access to accounts or client data.

Trusted Users

To ensure your users are really who they say they are, Hideez Key acts as a second factor for authentication, providing an additional layer of security for logins that verify the identity of your staff before granting access to their emails and other applications. The Hideez Lock app allows your users to quickly confirm their identity by approving a push notification on their smartphones.

Trusted Devices

Users can use their own devices for company purposes. Hideez Key can be paired to devices regardless to company’s mobile device management rules, providing an additional point of controlled security on user devices.

Offline Access

The most developed Single Sign-On systems use cloud trusted storage to store credentials and access politics. But what if a cloud connection is unavailable? Hideez Key provides local credential storage on a trusted hardware token, so your access to local applications doesn’t depend on network availability.


Hideez for Healthcare Indusry

Protect Patient Data

In healthcare, providing quality treatment to patients is paramount — from the operating room to computers and mobile devices — and so is protecting their personal data.

Weak authentication is a serious security threat to healthcare organizations, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) recommends using two-factor authentication and strong access controls to help mitigate security risks related to unauthorized access to patient data.

For healthcare providers in the U.S. and other countries, Hideez's hardware key is safeguarding information about the health and medical profiles of patients by providing a strong, easy-to-use two-factor authentication solution for staff, consultants, vendors and other third parties.

Trusted Access

Hideez Key can help your organization secure patient data and meet EPCS and HIPAA compliance requirements. Hideez ensures that only trusted users on trusted devices can access target applications.


Hideez for Finance Indusry

Strict user verification policies and procedures are necessary to keep financial data and information about online transactions out of the hands of criminals.

FFIEC Security

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) provides authentication standards and recommendations for stronger online banking security for financial institutions.

Hideez can help you comply with FFIEC guidelines and protect access to sensitive applications and financial data.

Layered Security Controls

In their authentication guide, the FFIEC recommends that institutions do not rely on one form of customer authentication to protect online transactions, bank accounts, sensitive communications or privileged user access.

As the FFIEC stated, criminals can use man-in-the-middle attacks to circumvent one-time passcode tokens. Hideez verifies user identities with strong two-factor authentication, offering a more secure method of authentication that is resilient against man-in-the-middle attacks, with either authentication via the Hideez hardware token or push notifications sent via our Hideez Lock app.

Any application

Hideez Safe recognition methods support all applications on PCs and smartphones, including VPNs, remote access gateways, on-site and cloud-based applications and more. Hideez provides APIs to cover custom and proprietary banking and financial software.

We enable you to ensure each app is protected with application-specific access controls and secure single sign-on (SSO), a simple way to access your cloud applications.

Trusted access to services and locations

Hideez Key ensures that trusted users can access target apps on trusted devices. An RFID chip on the device makes the small key fob a real universal identification key for apps, services, and doors.


Hideez for Tech Indusry

Protect access to your applications and user data while reducing the risk of a data breach with Hideez Key.

Stronger access controls

By verifying the identities of your users with two-factor authentication, Hideez ensures that users are part of a secured access solution. Advanced access policies allow you to control who can access what and under what conditions.

Any application or website

Protect your developers and source code from attacks on your production systems by integrating two-factor authentication with your local (SSH) and remote UNIX logins, local Windows or Mac apps, or any website.

With Hideez Key password manager, your users have a local version of a Single Sign-On system and can securely access all of their enterprise applications, saving time and increasing productivity.

Trusted access

Hideez ensures that trusted users can access target apps on trusted devices.

Many accounts on one token

Usual strong authentication methods from the past, like smartcards or USB tokens, in general, can authenticate one user on one service. Hideez stores thousands of different accounts on one hardware token. No matter how old or what the legacy software is – it works well with Hideez Key.

Convenient 2FA authentication on mobile devices

More than 40% of transactions are made on mobile devices today. Modern smartphones and tablets may not have USB ports. There are no alternatives for a convenient wireless hardware authenticator if these transactions need to be secured. Hideez Key's form factor is the most suitable solution for these cases.

Manageability and integration

Already using a Single Sign-On System? You can integrate Hideez Key as a wireless “last mile” Identity solution for your infrastructure using Hideez SDK* and developer API*.

Connect Hideez tokens to your Enterprise Resource Catalog using LDAP. Send all new or updated credentials to the user's key fob directly via an end-to-end encrypted channel.

Blockchain Services

Hideez for Blockchain ServicesProtect access to apps or web services with the use of blockchain technology. A Hideez Wallet can generate and store private key information inside a hardware token and sign any transaction based on any algorithm – SHA256, CryptoNight, or Ethash. This brings an extra level of security to services for ERC 20 token contracts.

Convenient 2FA Authentication for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There are many devices for two-factor authentication. Most of them need a physical USB wired connection between the token and the end-point device. Modern laptops, and especially smartphones and tablets may not have a USB port. There are no other alternatives for convenient wireless hardware authentication for secure access.

There are many applications and devices for two-factor authentication that generate one-time passwords. All of them require manually inputting these digits during authorization. The one-time password itself is valid for only 30 seconds. And if you do not manage to enter the one time password manually within the selected time-frame, access is denied, unless you provide another valid OTP. There are not any other products that allow you to instantly input one time passwords. Hideez Key can automatically generate and instantly enter one time passwords for selected services.


Your private keys are never exposed to the cloud or third-party: They are always securely stored in device itself. Your information is decentralized from Hideez too - we can't see or get access it.

To find out more about business solutions and personal offers for your business, please contact us at sales@hideez.com.

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