Hideez Enables Passwordless Access to Enterprise Services with Endpoint Biometric sensor to Enhance its FIDO Server

Hideez FIDO Server for Passwordless Biometric Access

Hideez Group has rolled out a new 3.8.6 version of the Hideez Authentication Server, which allows passwordless access with different types of FIDO authenticators. demo version of the updated server is now available for businesses and anyone interested in implementing Hideez Authentication Service to protect their infrastructure.

Hideez Authentication Server is a FIDO2 / Webauthn server and SAML 2.0 Identity Provider (IdP) that ensures secure IAM in an environment of numerous users, workstations, and devices. Due to the latest FIDO2 authentication standard, it delivers secure, cryptography-based authentication to enable a future without passwords and related security risks. The main functions of the server include but are not limited to:

  • Two-factor authentication with a standard login/password input and a cross-platform / platform FIDO authenticator used as a second factor;
  • Passwordless authentication, which allows replacing user passwords with a FIDO authenticator;
  • Usernameless authentication when a FIDO authenticator replaces both login and password for verifying the user’s identity.

From now on, the Hideez server would make it possible to log in to corporate web services and applications using not only external authenticators such as Hideez Key 3 or Hideez Key 4, but also platform authenticators integrated with the employees’ edpoint devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops with a built-in TPM and biometric sensors). Employees can use either an encrypted PIN-protected security key or biometrics to securely verify their identity.

Hideez FIDO Server for Passwordless Biometric Access


The server is approved as Citrix® Ready™ and integrates with Citrix Gateway™ products and SAP solutions. As a part of the Hideez Authentication Service, it is compatible with popular existing enterprise infrastructure solutions, being a perfect supplement for existing MFA, SSO, Enterprise Mobility Management, Cloud Solutions, IAM, or PAM. 

About FIDO authentication

FIDO2 / WebAuthn is a new open authentication standard supported by browsers and many large tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, etc. The FIDO2 authentication process eliminates the traditional threats associated with using a login username and password, replacing it with the passwordless login experience.

Hideez FIDO Server for Passwordless Biometric Access

The technology is based on public/private cryptography, allowing users to validate their identity without sharing a secret between the user & platform. The supported web browsers include but are not limited to Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Hideez FIDO Server for Passwordless Biometric Access

Learn more about FIDO2/Webauthn passwordless standard and its advantages in one of our recent blog posts or schedule a personalized demo of the Hideez Authentication Service to see it for yourself.

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