Save Time To Save Lives. Security Tools for Healthcare in the Time of Crisis

COVID-19 Healthcare Efficiency

Doctors and nurses are leading the fight for human lives amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Once again, they rise to the challenge, providing help for those in need, and giving hope to others. What they need right now is time. Time to treat current patients and time to get ready for the new ones.

As individuals and companies, we can buy them some time by washing hands, staying at home, and practicing social distancing.

covid-19 social distancing recommendations

In reality of the pandemic, hospitals have to do more with less. To maximize the time they have, they need to review and optimize all of their processes. One of the biggest complaints of doctors and nurses is the time they spend logging into various systems. As doctors and nurses move between patients and rooms, they often need to switch between workstations wasting time on multiple logins. 

What if they could log in faster? In just 3 seconds. What if they could enter their login and password automatically? No more typing and re-typing in case of a mistake. What if they could forget their passwords and not have to call the IT administrator to restore it? What if they could click on any link and remain protected from phishing? What if they could rush away from their computer, and it would lock automatically to safeguard patients' health data (ePHI) and comply with HIPAA? What if they could get it all in one solution? 

The good news is that they can have it all. 

Hideez developed a solution that allows hospitals to increase employee productivity without overwhelming them with complicated technology. They just need to do their work as usual and press one button to log in. In the time of a crisis and beyond, medical professionals can focus on their patients, while we as cybersecurity professionals take care of them. 

Learn how Hideez can support your organization by filling up the form below. In a spirit of solidarity we offer our solution to the hospitals for free for one year*.

* Excludes hardware


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