Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hideez

Everything You Wanted to Know About Hideez

Here’s a roundup of answers to some of the most common inquiries we receive about Hideez and our all-in-one digital key for endpoint identity & access management. If you have any additional questions or would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at info@hideez.com.

Q: Why do I need a Hideez Key?

A: Most people today use many different services and have zillions of accounts. Most of them require user authentication, usually with a login name or email and password. From the point of view of security, each password should be unique... but people are not robots and have difficulty remembering so many secure logins. Therefore, a lot of people the same passwords for many services, and worse use personal info like birth dates, the names of children or loved ones, etc. Look no farther than SplashData’s annual list of the most popular passwords for particularly bad examples. Hideez Key provides several extra layers of protection, remembering passwords for users and storing them in a separate hardware device.

Q: Why is Hideez better than the competition?

A: There are a lot of solutions on the market. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is typically addressed by using two factor authentication — a knowledge factor (password or PIN), and a possession factor (pass, badge, ring, app, etc.) or a natural factor (fingerprint, eye scan, DNA).

Most competitors offer USB devices, without password generation and management solutions. Hideez Key can store passwords, generate and enter One-Time Passwords (OTP), lock/unlock PCs with a proximity sensor and open RFID-enabled office or other doors. It goes well beyond possession of the 2nd factor, providing an all-in-one digital key for users.

Q: Where did the idea for Hideez come from?

A: The company's founder, Oleg Naumenko, once had more than £1,000 stolen from his bank account. He realized there must be a better solution than simple password-protected accounts. Weak passwords are a feast waiting to happen for a hacker. At the same time, complex, inconvenient security policies are inconvenient for most users. He setup Hideez with the mission to provide people with efficient and easy-to-use technology tools for secure authentication in the increasingly digital world.

Q: How does the Hideez Key work? Do I need a smartphone?

A: Hideez Key is compatible with all major PC, tablet and smartphone applications, including Windows 8.1 and up, Mac OS X and higher, Android 4.4 and up, and iOS 9.3 and higher. You don’t need a smartphone to use Hideez Key - it works with different operating systems, browsers, and compatible applications. Hideez can also manage passwords for specific files, like RAR or Microsoft Office documents. Support for more applications and file-types will be added in the future.

Q: Who is the Hideez Key designed for? Do I need one if I only use Instagram and Facebook?

A: Hideez Key is designed for the modern web user. Depending on the study you find, the average person today has anywhere from seven to 100+ passwords for their email, blog, social media accounts, bank accounts, online shopping services like Amazon and so much more. Many services now offer or even require things like complex passwords and two-factor authentication. Unfortunately, reports of data breaches are everywhere on the news these days and most of us know at least one person who has had an online account compromised. Hideez Key allows you to easily and securely manage your passwords with a separate hardware key fob. If you care about your digital identity, we strongly recommend Hideez Key.

Q: Experts recommend storing passports, documents, money and credit cards separately to prevent theft. Hideez Key stores all your passwords on one keychain. How safe is it? Is it better than using a USB drive or smartphone for password management?

A: It’s easy to understand the danger of leaving a key under the doormat. When you store your passwords in a file on a computer on on a USB-keys or smart-cards - there’s a high risk of doing the digital equivalent. Users often leave USB devices plugged in or store them in the same bag. If your PC, laptop or tablet is stolen, the thief may have everything they need to compromise your identity. Hideez is wireless so there’s no need to store it together. You can remotely delete all your personal data if the Hideez Key fob is lost or compromised.

Q: Is my data secure if my Hideez Key is stolen or lost?

A: You can mark your device as lost in the MyHideez system remotely. If anyone else tries to pair your Hideez Key to a new device, all data will be automatically cleared.

Q: How is the device protected from sniffers?

A: In short - by encryption. Our Bluetooth radio signal is encrypted to each paired device with a unique connection key. You may have heard or read that you can “listen in” on a Bluetooth headset’s radio channel, but that’s only true for unencrypted Bluetooth channels. On the web, we utilize industry standard HTTPS protocol, with data encryption using SSL / TLS. To protect against phishing, our application checks the URL of the webpage the user used to input their credentials and can check the integrity of the password field (for some compatible web resources). Hideez also protects against keyloggers by using either hot keys or the hardware button on the key fob.

Q: Can Hideez Key open my door?

A: Yes, if the door lock uses HID RFID, mMarin - 125 kHz. 

Q: Can Hideez Key unlock my iPhone?

A: No, this ability is restricted by the manufacturer. The Smart Lock function is available for Windows and MacOS devices.

Q: How often do I need to charge the Hideez often does the batter last?

A: Hideez Key uses a standard CR2032 battery that typically lasts for 6 months of normal use. The memory on the device is non-volatile, so if you replace the battery you don’t lose any data.

Q: Will the Hideez Key work if I drop it in water?

A: No, the Hideez Key is not waterproof.

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