Hideez is helping to defend Ukrainian cyberspace



The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a battle in both the physical and the digital world. On both sides, information warfare plays a more critical part of the battlefield than any other war in human history, with the biggest attack vector and threat being weak login credentials.

Hideez Group has long been a proud member of the Ukrainian tech, and cybersecurity community. Today, our land, our cities and our families are engulfed in war. Many people had to leave their homes, but the major part of our team is staying in Ukraine and providing services for free: we keep on mobilizing cyber efforts, defending Ukrainian independence at the digital front, and sharing experiences with those in need.

Since February 24, Hideez has been providing Ukrainian organizations with free security keys from Yubico and a free license for the Hideez Server, a network service that allows managing authentication and access processes with minimum effort.

Upon the request, Yubico kindly donated 30,000 YubiKeys to Hideez, in order to protect the critical IT infrastructure in Ukraine. Since then, we have deployed free YubiKeys to a dozen government agencies and companies providing critical infrastructure, including:

  • SSSCIP, State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine 
  • Ministry of Digital Transformation 
  • Government-owned energy companies and power plants
  • National Police Department  
  • State agency of automobile roads of Ukraine
  • Ukraine’s .UA domain managing organization Hostmaster.UA

SSSCIP conducted an examination and prepared an expert opinion on the use of YubiKeys and Hideez Server in its public institutions for their protection against unauthorized access.

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Donation information

In order to continue deploying the donated YubiKeys to the critical infrastructure in Ukraine, Hideez is in need of immediate, additional funding to cover the salaries for the team that conducts this ongoing deployment effort on the ground.

If you are based in the US and if you wish to support Hideez in the effort to deploy YubiKeys, you can make a donation to UkraineNow, a 501c3, IRS approved non-profit organization.



Information for Ukrainian organizations

We want Ukraine to be a prime example of how to build a strong and effective cyber defence. One critical step to achieve this is to implement YubiKeys that offer strong two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication with support for multiple protocols including FIDO2.

We are working with our international partners, manufacturers and solution providers to provide our Ukrainian clients with a flexible choice of available options:

fido Passwordless access to worsktations, personal or shared work accounts. Employees can use YubiKey security keys or Hideez Authenticator app instead of passwords;  Centralized management of employees, including their authentication devices and preferred sign-in methods (regular or two-factor, with or without password, etc.)

Remote management of employees' access to important digital resources. Compliance with global security standards.

Protection against phishing, spoofing, and man-in-the-middle attacks
Seamless integration with Active Directory, Azure AD, and multiple service providers based on SAML and OIDC protocols Experienced team. Online consultations, video guides and documentation.


What services are provided for free?

1. Deployment of the Hideez server for passwordless authentication and centralized control of employees' access to their accounts and organization's digital resources. Free license is granted for 12 months. To access the demo version of the server, please click here.

2. Delivery and configuration of hardware security keys YubiKey 5 FIPS (type USB-A or USB-C) for the required number of employees within the organization.

3. Expert assistance and online consulting to help set up the most efficient and convenient authentication system with minimal loss of time.

How to apply?

If you are a government organization, critical infrastructure provider, or local company suffering from cyber attacks, phishing, leaks, or problems with employee authentication management, we are ready to provide free cybersecurity solutions.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that for the free transfer of YubiKey hardware security keys, we will ask you to conclude an official act of acceptance - transfer of property between Hideez and the legal entity for which your organization is registered.


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