At Hideez, we empower a diverse range of partners including technology providers, systems integrators, managed service providers, distributors, and resellers to make a lasting impact with passwordless authentication. By joining forces with us, our partners gain access to comprehensive education, training, and early exposure to cutting-edge passwordless innovations. Are you ready to explore the possibilities?

What is the Hideez Authentication Service?

Hideez Authentication Service provides clients with the flexibility to choose their preferred authentication methods from a wide range of options. Whether it's biometric authentication, hardware tokens, mobile app-based authentication, or other methods, our solution offers a diverse set of authentication options to cater to individual preferences and security requirements. This allows organizations to customize their authentication approach and empower their employees with a seamless and personalized authentication experience.

Key Features:

  • – Passwordless and 2FA
  • – Passwordless PC Login
  • – Proximity-Based PC Logout
  • – Traditional Password Management and 2FA
  • – Centralized Identity and Access Management
  • – Physical Access

Authentication Methods:

  • – Hardware security keys (Hideez Keys, Yubikeys, etc.)
  • – Hideez Authenticator app (Android and iOS)
  • – Passkeys (Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello tied to a user account)
  • – Platform authenticators (Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello tied to a single device)
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Who We Are Looking For?

1. Technology Providers: Enhance your offerings by integrating closely with our leading passwordless platform. Enjoy early access to features, technical guidance, and the opportunity to build on top of our robust solution.

2. Systems Integrators: Combine your industry expertise with our professional services to recommend, validate, and seamlessly deploy Hideez at

3. Distributors & Resellers: Leverage our passwordless solutions to sell, support, and deliver unrivaled authentication options to a wide customer base.

4. Managed Service Providers: Embrace the ease and security of cloud-native passwordless authentication without the complexities of configuring and deploying user authentication.

Why Partner with Us?

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Partner Program Benefits

Our partner program offers comprehensive support at every stage, providing you with a dedicated Partner Account Manager, offering pre-sales support for effective customer engagement, and enabling free trial programs for enterprise customers.

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Lucrative Profit Margins

Unlock lucrative opportunities with our partner program, offering generous profit margins of up to 50% on sales. This ensures that partnering with us not only brings mutual success but also provides a financially rewarding experience for your business.

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Seamless Integration

Benefit from our free integration capabilities with Active Directory, Azure AD, and existing IAM solutions, ensuring a seamless and efficient deployment for your customers.