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Hideez Key 3 - Bluetooth Password Vault, OTP Generator, FIDO2 U2F Security Key, Smart PC Lock, RFID Door Unlock
Hideez Key 3 - Bluetooth Password Vault, OTP Generator, FIDO2 U2F Security Key, Smart PC Lock, RFID Door Unlock
Hideez Key 3 - Bluetooth Password Vault, OTP Generator, FIDO2 U2F Security Key, Smart PC Lock, RFID Door Unlock
Hideez Key 3 - Bluetooth Password Vault, OTP Generator, FIDO2 U2F Security Key, Smart PC Lock, RFID Door Unlock

Standalone & Enterprise version  Setup Guide

Hardware password manager and generator for Windows. Hideez Key stores and automatically fills in logins, passwords, and OTPs across your accounts, locks/unlocks Windows computers based on user proximity, and opens RFID door locks. The device supports FIDO2 & FIDO U2F protocols allowing for passwordless logins within the FIDO ecosystem.

Hideez Key 3 is suitable for both personal and enterprise use within the scope of the Hideez Authentication Service, a cloud-based passwordless IAM solution for organizations. 

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 10 (2019 or later) via Bluetooth, NFC, USB

Android 7.0 via Bluetooth and NFC

Web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

  • Trusted Brand


    FIDO2 Security Key Vendor

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    5+ Years of Experience

  • Easy Setup

    Phishing Resistant

    Prevents MFA bypass attacks 

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    Free Shipping

    U.S. and Orders Over $100

Discover the variety of authentication scenarios

100% Fairtrade Cocoa

FIDO2 Key for Passwordless Sign-in

Experience phishing-resistant passwordless logins and two-factor authentication across your accounts. Hideez Key is supported by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Dropbox, Twitter, and hundreds of other FIDO-enabled web services. Supported by Microsoft and Google accounts.

Compatibility: Windows and Android

Natural Ingredients

Protection against phishing

Hideez Key boosts security by verifying website addresses, ensuring that logins and passwords are entered only on legitimate web services and applications. Experience one-tap login and bid farewell to phishing, spoofing, keylogging, and other password-related attacks!

Natural Ingredients

Password Autofill for legacy services

Not all services support passwordless sign-in, but Hideez Key is here to help! Use Hideez Key as a password manager to store your credentials and enter them automatically at the push of the button! Store up to 1,000 logins and passwords, and generate new strong passwords with ease. 

Compatibility: Windows only

100% Palm Oil Free

universal rFID keycard for physical access

Free up space in your pocket! Open RFID electronic doors with the Hideez Key. Use your key as an RFID password manager to securely access your physical spaces. All you need is an RFID programmer, and you're good to go.

Please note: One key can store only one RFID code 

100% Palm Oil Free

Easy Desktop Login and logout based on user proximity

The proximity login and logout feature automatically disables access to your PC when you walk away. Be sure that your information and projects are safe when you leave your workplace. Use Hideez Key to lock and unlock your desktop in seconds. 

Compatibility: Windows only

Closed Process

universal IAM tool for organizations

Looking for a reliable and affordable security solution for your business? Hideez Key is part of the Hideez Authentication Service that will help you manage accounts and access privileges of your workers 100% remotely and securely. Employees can use Hideez Keys as their primary or secondary authentication method in addition to biometric passkeys and a mobile authenticator.

Simple Setup & Multifunctionality

  • Step 1. Updating the device's firmware to the latest version

  • Step 2. Pair the Hideez Key with your devices via Bluetooth

  • Step 3. Enable Passwordless sign-in on FIDO2/U2F supported sites

  • Step 4. Install the Hideez Client software on your Windows PC

  • Step 5. Choose a Standalone or Enterprise version

  • Step 6. Set up additional functionalities: password autofill, proximity authentication, RFID access, etc.

support for the Highest Security Standards

FIDO U2F (Level 1) Certified 

FIDO2 (Level 1) Certified 

Citrix-Ready Solution

FIDO2 Security Key Vendor

Meets NIST 
Password Guidelines

HIPAA Compliant

Main Features

Secure Password Vault

The FIDO authentication eliminates the traditional threats of using traditional passwords and SMS-based 2FA, replacing them with the FIDO U2F and FIDO2 passwordless access standards. It protects against common online attacks such as phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Secure Password Vault

Store more than 1,000 login credentials (usernames & passwords) in an encrypted hardware vault. Input them with a single click, thwarting keylogging attacks. Hideez Client software securely verifies website addresses to prevent phishing.

Multifunctional Security Key

Generate strong and unique passwords, create secure data backups, and lock/unlock your PC based on Bluetooth proximity. Generate one-time passwords (OTPs) or use the key as a U2F security key for two-factor authentication.

RFID Keycard

Are you tired of carrying a bunch of electronic keys from your home, office, or gym? Free up space in your pocket by using Hideez Key to open RFID door locks. Please note: Hideez Key has only one built-in RFID module.

Wireless Headphones

What is the difference between Hideez Key 4 and hideez key 3?

Hideez Key 4

Hideez Key 3

Supported communication protocols

Bluetooth, NFC, micro-USB

Bluetooth 4.0

Works on Bluetooth enabled PCs without Hideez Bluetooth adapter

Battery type



Passwordless sign-in to web services

Windows, Android, macOS, iOS

Windows, Android

Password management & OTP (Windows only)

Proximity-based login and logout (Windows only)

Data import/export (.csv)

RFID keychain

Standalone & Enterprise version

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