Hideez Lock Software Token

Hideez Lock Software Token

Lock and unlock your computer with just your phone.

Your online privacy has never been this safe and convenient.

Hideez Lock requires additional installation of a client on PC (Mac/Windows).

Hideez Lock for PC

To allow lock/unlock your computer

Main Features

Biometric authentication can replace all your passwords

Hideez Finger Lock is a software token that secures your PC through smartphone biometric sensors.
It remembers and enters passwords instead of you using Bluetooth and Internet

Lock and unlock your computer with just your phone

Your online privacy has never been this safe and convenient

Your phone is a single key to your digital and physical worlds

More identity features for your phone are coming soon

Minimum Requirements:

Computer should be connected to the Internet.

Bluetooth 4.0 LE enabled on Computer for Proximity Lock feature.

  • Windows version 8.1+ (For Proximity Lock feature: Windows 10 Creators Update+)

Use Cases

How it works

Hideez Lock App is intended to supplement existing methods of user authentication and includes a smartphone as one of the factors of authorization. With the benefit of Hideez Lock users can go through the identification on a smartphone in a convenient way for them, after which the smartphone unlocks the personal computer.

The Hideez Lock allows using crypto-resistant strong logon password without the need to remember it. Just input it at the beginning. To access the computer, the user operates his "trusted" smartphone and, for example, its biometric authentication. As a result, the encrypted password will be decrypted and transferred to the operating system. Hideez lock allows a user not to be responsible for choosing and storing complex passwords.

Safety First!

We never store customer passwords or other credentials on the server. It is difficult to create a service architecture that does not require storing customer passwords, but we did it!


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Andrew Matiukhin

Mobile phones have become obligatory everyday accessories for every modern person. They include all the modern technologies and regularly update to add new functions. Our phones can take good photos, check our location, and replace a bank card, which means they can serve as a universal key for the pc or laptop, and provide easy 2-factor authentication for various online services. This concept of a universal phone with added identification functions is the main idea behind the Hideez Lock application.

— Oleg Naumenko. Founder, CEO

Customization is available for the bulk orders
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