Hideez Enterprise Password Vault allows to:

Stop Phishing Attacks

Immediately deploy a full perimeter defense against phishing

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Implement rotating passwords for PAM and ALL systems

Eliminate password reset support issues

Eliminate password reset support issues

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Achieve compliance via automated unattended workstation lockup


Implement bulletproof on and off-boarding process, even for remote workers

Hideez Enterprise Vault provides strong authentication with built-in second factor for websites, web-based applications, encrypted files, and even for workstations.

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Zero-knowledge credentials

Strong authentication credentials invisible for the user

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Phishing protection

Endpoint validation before the input of credentials

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Access Controls and Governance

Provision and apply policies across segments of your organization

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Unlimited Single Sign-On

Every website, app or encrypted file can be accessed from one vault


Hideez password vault pushes password managers to the next level by moving the password storage to a dedicated MFA device and applying governance to the credential management and implementing audit and compliance:
  • — Hideez solution doesn’t rely on keeping credentials on the workstations or in the cloud;
  • — Other password managers don’t provide workstation authentication / authorization;
  • — Unlike other password managers, Hideez works with native apps (only web);
  • — Hideez provides built-in 2nd factor even for legacy systems.
To use Hideez Enterprise Password vault, an admin needs to deploy Hideez Enterprise Server (HES) , provision user accounts, and distribute Hideez security keys (Hideez key 3 or Hideez Key 4) to the users.
With Hideez vault, the account credentials are kept exclusively on the Hideez key device that resides with the user. The vault consists of two parts - enterprise vault, and personal vault, so a combination of enterprise provisioned resources and user provisioned resources can be used, providing for a good password hygiene across all user accounts. The enterprise template vault accounts are provisioned via Hideez Enterprise server and are downloaded to the keys. Unique strong passwords are created at the time that the enterprise vault is attached to the user profile.
Hideez vault is integrated with Active Directory or other IDP systems via LDAP or SCIM interfaces / connectors. These connectors allow the administrator to import the accounts from IDP, update the passwords to randomly generated ones, as well as set up credentials for the “down stream” systems and applications that support SCIM protocol.
By establishing an enterprise vault, the URL are provisioned for each of the resources that employee has the need to access. Upon use the key, the URL that employee is trying to access is verified against the url in the template, thus preventing spoof URL’s from deceiving the users to input legitimate service credentials.