In terms of my Hideez Key, I actually use it more than my WeWork card. If you remember, we added the code to open doors at WeWork to our Hideez Keys. I cannot speak for the rest of the team, but me personally, I use my Hideez Key not only to open doors at WeWork but obviously to lock and unlock my computer, as well as short cuts to logins and passwords for specific sites.

Joshua M. Radbod

There are many different versions of security keys out there, same goes for password managers and key finders. Hideez does all 3 functions.  Overall, it's a great little device for what it does. The best part is the price, others (like FlashID) with the same price tag can do 1/10th of what this key does. 

Nick Serge, Nome co., President

I am using it daily without any issues. I have tried also applications for Windows and Android and they are working as expected. For a while I have been fighting with the switching of devices (mobile,pc) where both are in the same area, so maybe if possible it will be good to enable switch directly from apps rather then by HW switch - but docs give me a good explanation of the usage. Overall usage of the product is as simple as should be and I am very happy with it.  

Jakub Cieslar technical team leader at NXP Semiconductors

A+ for functionality. User Manual is huge but big thanks to customer support. I like stylish look and feel.  The function of password storage is great, I have 20 complex passwords that I stored in the cloud before. Auto blocking is catchy, I love it.


Hideez Key works well and I love the way Customer Support helps to use the product.

Thank you, the development team!

Igor Alekseenko

Actually just bought it for my wife as a gift.

This small thing covers all problems - now she has it with the home keys and I feel her accounts are secured well.


Oleg is an extremely experienced entrepreneur with strong knowledge in business and manufacturing processes. He built and sold Pocketbook, e-books company that sold tens of millions of e-books all over the world before. And his new startup Hideez sold my problem with passwords. 

Ivan Pasichnyk CEO at Ecoisme Limited

Hideez has a great product with a great future!

Alexey Yankovski President at ISACA Kyiv Chapter

Great team with high-end engineers and smart executives. They have a vast experience in product launches and sales!

Vlad Tislenko CEO at Soul Technologies, Inc.

Great and highly potential products ! I did collect market feedback of this product in EU , it is ahead of all current competitors available on the market.

Evgenii Zaitsev Marketing and Sales Director at PocketBook International

Hideez is the most exciting cybersecurity project in Ukraine right now. I met the founder Oleg Naumenko and he is very capable, strong communicator and knows his stuff inside and out. Their product - digital key, makes passwords irrelevant and disrupts a huge market for identity-protection.

Nicolas Whitehill

Hideez is a very strong team, with deep understanding of the solution space. They are innovative in their thinking and practical at the same time, able to deliver great products and great value!

Dan (Dima) Itkis CEO at BIOMIO

I love it! Very useful staff!

Anastasia Sviontkovskaya Front-end Developer