How to Use the Hideez Key

Account credentials storage and management

All your corporate account credentials are provisioned to the Hideez Key by administrator of the Hideez Enterprise Server. The account credentials are stored only on the Hideez Key. 

At the moment, only the administrator can manage the account credential on the Hideez Key via the Hideez Enterprise Server. 

How to enter the account credentials

The account credentials are entered by hotkeys:

Ctrl+Alt+L - to enter the login name

Ctrl+Alt+P - to enter the password

Lock/unlock of your workstation

There is three options to unlock your workstation (to be set on the Hideez Enterprise Server):

  1. by proximity - the workstation is unlocked when the Hideez Key is close to it. 
  2. by tapping the Hideez Bluetooth Dongle
  3. by tapping an RFID reader (optional) 

The workstation is always locked automatically based on proximity - when you leave the computer the bluetooth signal drops below the locking threshold and the Hideez Client app locks the computer. 

Hideez Enterprise Server Guide