With penetration of on-line services, messengers, and e-mail as means of communication between Client and the Firm, lawyers are facing cyber threats to their intellectual property and Client representation. With passwords remaining the last mile of defense, it is a nontrivial challenge to safeguard Client’s representation and maintain Compliance with legal directives in digital space.



Hideez Solution secures individual identity by checking the access point trust before granting access to client information reducing the chance of digital identity misconception. With the Hideez Key, user login is bound to the original URL, meaning that only the real URL that you have entered by yourself can authenticate with the key. The authentication will fail unless the two URLs match. This greatly reduces the threat of phishing attacks and stops account takeovers.


High Standard Password Manager. Legal Practice puts exceptionally high standards on securing documents and client’s data with passwords. Hideez Key can store credentials and passwords to Microsoft Office (including 365), Active Directory, Google, Word and Excel documents, etc. Hideez Key is a password manager for 1000 on-line and off-line accounts and 100 physical access RFID marks. It never reveals password even to the one who sets it, and never stores data in the Cloud.


Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for lawyers, barristers, attorneys is a multi-layered privacy system that can drastically increase the protection for your client's private information against cyber-attack, and at almost no cost to you. Hideez Key is all-in-one solution for 2FA, one-time-password generation, and physical access.


In terms of my Hideez Key, I actually use it more than my WeWork card. If you remember, we added the code to open doors at WeWork to our Hideez Keys. I cannot speak for the rest of the team, but me personally, I use my Hideez Key not only to open doors at WeWork but obviously to lock and unlock my computer, as well as short cuts to logins and passwords for specific sites.

– Joshua M. Radbod


Hideez Key is the best password manager for protecting accounts from unsolicited exposure. It is a perfect solution for delivering and changing passwords, managing remote devices and maintaining BYOD policies, granting privileged access and confiscating it.

  • Strong security — Strong two-factor authentication that protects against credential stuffing, phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and malware attacks. Compliance with PCI Data Security Standards, GCSx CoCo, HIPAA, SOX.
  • Easy to use — unpack, set-up, and go.
  • High privacy — Allows users to choose, own, and control their online identity.
  • Multiple choices — works equally well with iPhone, Android, PC, laptop, on-line services, RFID and NFC locks, Microsoft Office.
  • Cost-efficient — $59 for the storage of 1000 logins, 100 RFID marks, OTP, 2FA, 4 devices, and server-facing environment.
  • Electronic identity — Identity proofing is offered for organizations requiring a higher level of identity assurance.


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Hideez Key
  • Stores 1000 passwords
  • 2FA
  • One-time-password
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Hideez Lock
  • Lock and unlock your PC
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Hideez Wallet
  • Secure storage
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Hideez Server
  • Control BYOD
  • Grant and confiscate Privileged Access
  • Reset passwords
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