Multifunctional Button - Hideez

Hideez Multifunctional button helps managing login and password entries without touching the keyboard.

Multifunctional button is a hotkey for many operations of Hideez Key. It helps managing login and password entries without actually touching the keyboard. Some of the possible commands: block the PC, turn-off the PC, operate the file, it can also be used as the emergency button.

Multi-functional button allows using features like distant activation of a digital video or voice recorder on your device or sending GPS coordinates of your current location. The button can be also used to confirm any instance of authentication, thus preventing undesired authentications (Only for Android and Windows 10).

Two LED indicators (green and red) are located under the button. Hideez Key can switch between Paired Devices. To do this, press and hold the multifunctional button for 2-4 seconds. Hideez Key will disconnect from the current device and will start advertising for other devices from its list. The first device which finds Hideez Key, will connect it. If these devices do not respond, or only one device is present in the list, Hideez Key will connect to the previous device again. Switching between devices can take up to 10 seconds for the reasons described in the previous section.

The multifunctional button operates as an invisible pin for all of your data entries.