Hideez Enterprise Solution for Military Structures

Hideez Solutions for IT


Identity verification solutions that work perfectly for banks or business enterprises do not work on a battlefield where the mere act of getting a card out of your pocket is clumsy at best and impossible at worst. To address the problem of user identification in a harsh military environment, Hideez has developed a universal digital token for identification in digital systems and physical access to premises.

Currently, the military uses the ordinary combination of login and password or plastic smart cards for both physical and digital access. By today's standards, logins and passwords are not secure, and cards are a very inconvenient and rather ancient technology, especially on the battlefield.

Hideez Solution consists of wearable wireless tokens which can provide combatants with secure and easy identification and authentication to access army laptops, tablets, networks, servers, applications, web services, weapons, and premises.


    Protect intellectual property


    Hideez Keys combine the security of credentials based on passwordless multifactor FIDO authentication technology with the advances in the commercial wireless payment and authentication industry using modern world standards - NIST, FIPS 140-2, PCI DSS.


    Privileged Acess Management

    Rather than requiring users to insert a card into a reader or manually type in a password, Hideez Key allows computer systems to recognize soldiers when they are near a computer or other protected system. The device prompts the soldiers to enter a second identification factor, such as a personal identification number, and the soldiers log out automatically as they move away from the computer and leave the system's coverage area, the PC is getting locked automatically.


    Two Factor Authentication for IT

    Contactless Identity Tokens are not only easy to use but also provide significant cost savings for the military. You can advance authentication capabilities without having to redesign or deploy new tactical hardware on every laptop, server, handheld device, or weapon system.


    Hideez Key is the best password manager, 2FA, and NFC smart key for physical access control for delivering the first password, eliminating lost password, and risk of human factor when it comes to securing the system from the end-point. Hideez Enterprise Server is an Identity and Access Management solution for managing privileged access, managing remote offices and employees, controlling physical access.

    Key features

    • Wireless connection
    • Login to PC in 3 seconds
    • Automatically lock your computer by proximity
    • No need to remember and enter passwords by hand
    • Automatic password change
    • Generation of complex cryptographic passwords
    • FIDO2 as a modern standard for passwordless authentication 
    • Combination of physical and digital access in one token


    • Strong security — Strong two-factor authentication that protects against credential stuffing, phishing, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, and malware attacks. Compliance with PCI Data Security Standards, GCSx CoCo, HIPAA, SOX.
    • Easy to use— unpack, set-up, and go.
    • High privacy— Allows users to choose, own, and control their online identity.
    • Multiple choices— works equally well with iPhone, Android, PC, laptop, on-line services, RFID and NFC locks, Microsoft Office.
    • Cost-efficient— $59 for the storage of 1000 logins, 100 RFID marks, OTP, 2FA, 4 devices, and server-facing environment.
    • Electronic identity— Identity proofing is offered for organizations requiring a higher level of identity assurance.


    Hideez Key
    Hideez Key
    • FIDO2 passwordless logins
      Proximity-based lock & unlock
      Secure password vault
      RFID electronic door lock
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    Hideez Server
    Hideez Server
    • BYOD Management
    • Grant and confiscate Privileged Access
    • Reset passwords
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    Hideez Client
    Hideez Client
    • Connection between Hideez Key and Enterprise Server
    • Centralized credential management
    • Automatic protection from phishing
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    Hideez Dongle
    Hideez Dongle
    • USB Bluetooth connection
      with the workstation
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