Hideez Key FIDO setup

1. First step to start using Hideez Key FIDO as your security key is to pair it with your PC via Bluetooth.

You will need to open your Bluetooth settings, press the button on your key to power it on and connect:
bluetooth settingsAdd a device

The device is going to be called “Fido-HKXXXXX”

Add a device

Other devices

options

2. Now it's time to set up a secret PIN for your key.

Go to your Windows Sign-in options menu and choose Security Key → Manage:


Press the button on the key to turn it on. Then press it again to confirm your presence:

Windows Hello setup

Adding a PIN

Now, set up your PIN:

Adding a PIN

Adding a PIN

You're all set to use your Hideez Key FIDO.

3. Let's finally use your FIDO key to sign in. For example, let's see how it works with Microsoft 365 account.

To set up your Hideez Hey FIDO as a security key, you'll need to go to your account's Security settings:

Security settings

Choose More security options → Set up a security key.

Setting up a security key

Click Next and press the button on your key to turn it on:

Setting up a security key

Type in your security PIN and press the button again:

Entering security key PIN

Taking action by security key

Now confirm that you allow the website to use your security key and name it:

Confirming a security key

You're all set and can now login using only your FIDO key and following the steps on the screen.

Signing in with FIDO Key

Here's a list of some of the services that support FIDO 2 security keys and which you can log in to using Hideez Key FIDO:

  • Dropbox

  • GitHub

  • Facebook

  • Gmail

  • Salesforce.com and many more