Hideez Wallet - Your Crypto Wallet

Hardware Hideez Crypto Wallet

While interest in the blockchain and use of cryptocurrency has expanded significantly in recent years, cyber attacks focusing on these areas have also grown exponentially. There are many ways to protect yourself on the market, but one of the most secure ways is to use a cold crypto wallet like the Hideez Wallet.

Hideez Wallet is a hardware wallet based on the reliable Scandinavian nRF52832 chipset, which is standard in IoT devices. This provides an all-in-one, system-on-chip solution for two-factor authentication, encrypted firmware, RFID access module, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The system-on-chip format reduces the risk of hardware penetration.

MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks are also increasing. Hideez Wallet indicates risks with an asynchronous light. Hideez Wallet’s multi-factor authentication allows parties to personally verify each other’s identities without having to exchange keys or disclose sensitive information via vulnerable methods such as email. In the rapidly changing environment of crypto-exchanges, it is important to make decisions quickly and securely sign transactions. USB adapters make the process cumbersome and complex. Hideez Wallet processes transactions via an invisible pin-code over an encrypted Bluetooth 4.0 channel in seconds.

Hideez Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and most altcoins. It protects the seed, allowing you to backup and restore, and also supports cross-platform operations (not via USB). When using the Hideez Wallet for the first time, a 24-word recovery combination based on mnemonic cryptography is required. Later, you can restore access to your seed from any device or hardware wallet. In addition, you can copy your seed from one device to another to double-check your backup. Make sure you keep a combination of the 24 words in a safe, offline place.