The development of the information technologies brings not only benefits but also difficulties. The main forecast for 2018-the number of cyber threats will sharply increase and this relates to both companies and persons, their public and private lives. The experienced cybercriminals have already found new goals and replenished their arsenal of cyber attacks. They will be much more original. So what are the most serious cyber threats we should beware of in 2018? Let’s figure out!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of cyber attacks

AI cybersecurity uses machine-learning models to get to know the “norm” of existing systems, and then consistently makes checks to know if there’s any deflection from the norm. Thus, companies breach updates in real-time monitoring and can react in the proper way. Unfortunately, hackers have already adopted this practice. They are going to carry out a retaliation strike, examples of that are spam and phishing. Generally, presenting as your financial institution and unrelated to those who made the first act, they start to send out emails massively asking to install malware or for your personally identifying information. So hackers may use your basic data breach to get at your companies’ data.

Cybercriminals again attack physical infrastructure

The trend that was observed in 2017, says that we should be ready for an increase in the number and scale of cyber attacks on transportation, electrical systems, and other parts of states’ critical infrastructure. Cybercriminals will identify more holes in a lightly defended network of older trains, planes, ships, and other transport modes that making them easily accessible. Some attacks will be aimed to cause instant breaches, and other will hijack vulnerable system threatening the safety of your system until the hackers get their ransom.

Cryptojacking as a type of “gold rush”

The number of users of cryptocurrency like the number of its theft is growing constantly so cybercriminals will keep on targeting the undercover use of your computer to mine cryptocurrency.

Mining cryptocurrencies require a huge amount of computing power. All the ways of cryptojacking might be reduced to that legitimate websites will be compromised because of attackers mining for cryptocurrencies.

Election hacking

The threat of hacking of election machines and electronic voting systems in many countries is still low because their safety is paid much attention. Although attacks on them have already been recorded. Undoubtedly, hackers won’t be able to disrupt the election or to rig the voting results in one of the developed countries in 2018. But the spread of propaganda and disinformation with the help of bots in social networks will increase. In 2016, hackers, sponsored by some states, used a lot of bots and fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook to stir up disputes and inflate the negative around certain topics. Such manipulations will be doubled in 2018.

Bigger breaches in huge data and ransomware in the cloud

Hackers need the customer’s bases of many firms in order to commit targeted attacks, so the number of cyber attacks on the companies who have private data will increase. It is also expected that the data brokers who have the information about people’s personal web surfing habits will be attacked. All this will affect the development of a ransomware which is a type of malware. It hacks into your computer and blocks computer files by using strong encryption and you must pay the ransom in order to get the digital keys to unlock the data.

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