The digital world is constantly expanding, gradually displacing the real world. Sound eerily like the Matrix, wouldn’t you say? People have voluntarily placed themselves inside a digital reality. Work, finance, leisure – all spheres of life smoothly move from offline to online.

Despite the shift, our core values remain in the new world, for example, our privacy. We are used to locking our homes and cars. We are used to making sure our private conversations are not overheard in public. But, we still underestimate the importance of locking our digital worlds.  

Imagine that your phone, that you unlock with your own biometrics, could unlock all of your online doors. Imagine there was an App that allowed you to log into your computers, whether Windows or MacOS, lock and unlock them remotely, and check their current status using a smartphone.

An all-in-one solution that does just appeared on online shelves at the end of February 2018. Hideez Lock was released for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. From now on, you can download it on Google Play or in the App Store. Hideez Lock also requires the installation of a client on each client (Mac/Windows) from hideez.com.

What you get:

Biometric Security

Lock and unlock your computer with your fingerprint on your smartphone.

Remote Control

You can lock and unlock your computer at a range convenient to you.


No matter which operating system you have, your phone is your key for any Computer.

Safe Connection

Connection with a smartphone is done simultaneously over Bluetooth and the Internet.

Access Worldwide

Control your PC or Mac access remotely from any place of the world.

Log in at a distance

You can log in and check the current status of your remote computer anywhere in the world.

Multiple Computers

You can control the status and logins to multiple Laptops and Desktops from a single screen.

Hideez Lock App is intended to supplement existing methods of user authentication and includes a smartphone as one of the factors of authorization. By using Hideez Lock, users can authenticate themselves on a smartphone in whatever way is most convenient to them, then unlocks the personal computer directly from the smartphone.

The Hideez Lock uses strong logon password that cannot be cracked, without the need to remember them. Just enter it at the beginning. To access the computer, the user operates his “trusted” smartphone and, for example, its biometric authentication. As a result, the encrypted password will be decrypted and transferred to the operating system. Hideez lock removes the need for the user to remember or store complex passwords.

Key Features of Hideez Lock

  • Proximity measurement between the user and the computer with Bluetooth signal level
  • Can provide remote access to a computer to anyone in a way that the person does not know the real password
  • Automatically locks the computer as soon as the user leaves it
  • The user password is not stored, transmitted, or used in an open form

Minimum Requirements

The computer and smartphone should be connected to Internet.

Bluetooth 4.0 LE must be enabled on Computer and Smartphone for Proximity Lock feature.

Windows version 8.1+ (For Proximity Lock feature: Windows 10 Creators Update+)

MacOS version 10.11+

Android version 5.0+

IOS version 10.3+

The price

Hideez Lock uses freemium model: free basic features and paid extra functions.


The Hideez Lock features you can get for free:

The PC version

The Hideez Lock version for a mobile device is free with limited functionality:

Ability to add 1 computer

Ability to view the current status of the computer.

The ability to connect via Bluetooth to your computer. As a result, if the phone is disconnected from the computer by BLE, the computer will be locked.

Paid functionality includes:

The ability to Lock \ Unlock the computer (Lock \ Unlock buttons)

Ability to add more than one computer.

The ability to unlock the computer via a Push notification (the Push request is available in the free version, but when the user clicks on it he gets a message about the ability to purchase the full functionality).

The user can buy all the paid functions with a one-time payment for iOS $5.99 and for Android $3.99.

The Hideez team’s top priority is implementing the ideas that we have heard from our users to make our service more useful. We appreciate the high-quality feedback that we have received to make our product even better for our users. If you wish to test Hideez Lock out and review it, please contact us via [email protected] and we’ll consider your offer.

Stay tuned for the latest news about our newest product, Hideez hardware crypto wallet.