How do you imagine a typical “pocket” wallet? Probably, the first thing that pops into your head is a place for physical banknotes and cards. Nowadays, a crypto wallet is just as common. When cryptocurrency appears in your virtual “pocket”, you have an equally important task: find an easy way to store keys to your cryptocurrency securely. To solve this problem, the Hideez team created a Hideez wallet, a wireless cryptocurrency device. 

In February 2018, Hideez and our partners, KUNA exchange announced the release of a Hideez Wallet at Blockchain Hub Kyiv. One more great opportunity to talk in detail about our new product and cryptocurrency industry is Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference, Kyiv that takes place on March 29, 2018. This event is the largest exhibition and conference in Ukraine on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. The event will bring together more than three dozen speakers, and the exhibition area will feature more than 70 brands, representing software and services for the crypto industry.

The Hideez team will be there to share their knowledge about personal identification and signing transactions in blockchain projects in a business case of the Hideez cryptocurrency wallet. Our speaker is Oleg Davydov, Product Manager of Hideez Group Inc. with more than 20 years of experience in the field of IT marketing and product management. He is currently an engineer and business development manager with experience in the software industry (ERP) and retail. He was doing marketing in the Ukrainian offices of the “1C” and “Kaspersky Lab”, working on the use of electronic readers and tablets in education. Now, as a part of Hideez team, he is working on developing safe and convenient identification tools people in the digital world.

 At the conference, our speaker has some topics to cover:

  • The blockchain is an excellent technology for archiving history, or any part of it, without the change to fake it or change it.
  • At the heart of blockchains is the concept of transactions that are signed by participants of the transaction.
  • Blockchains impact the development and use of digital signatures and anything that is associated with it.
  • The cryptocurrency “bubble” has attracted a lot of money and a lot of crime to a young, immature industry.
  • Methods of protecting “digital property” require “digital armor”, in particular, specialized hardware wallets.
  • The commonly known inconvenience in using existing wallets is their connection with wires. It is difficult to use them with mobile phones, and there are more mobile users on the Internet than stationary users. So, it’s important and convenient to develop wireless devices.

The Hideez team did their best to develop a device corresponding to the demands of safety and convenience. So, what are the main characteristics of Hideez wallet except of that it is wireless?

Multi-currency. The user can hold different assets in the same hardware wallet. Along with Ethereum, bitcoin pockets, Hideez service helps and tokens Litecoin, ERC-20, Bitcoin, Namecoin, Money, and zcash for different altcoins.

The hardware wallet offers “cold storage”, an offline option for additional security. The device is connected via Bluetooth and can work both on the desktop and on a mobile. It works with different kinds of OSs and can be compatible with Windows (7+), Mac (10.11+), iOS (9.3+), and Android (4.4+).

Oleg Naumenko, CEO of Hideez Group inc., said, “Our team has developed our own Bluetooth data exchange protocol with an additional level of encryption. Put simply, this is similar to the VPN link between the Hideez Wallet and the entry point. We constantly conduct tests for vulnerabilities and fix these issues. Precisely for this purpose, preliminary testing with experts in the industry has been carried out. The safety of our services is our priority.”

The first batch of Hideez wallets has already been produced. The device is now being tested by beta testers, white hackers, and experts. Cryptocurrency wallet mass manufacturing is scheduled for June 2018. Pre-order is available now for those who want to be first to get one via [email protected]. Also, we would be glad to answer media requests. Stay tuned for our latest news. We guarantee it will be interesting.

See you at the Blockchain&Bitcoin conference. The most interesting news are yet to come.