The world is moving on and a lot of things have happened over the past several years. The information technology (IT) and data are developing constantly, and most data is stored in electronic form. Along with their progress appear the rules that govern information relationships between companies, employees, and customers. Processes of globalization require the existence of a functioning international regulation.

Some of the international organizations, among which is European Union (EU), have started to improve such regulation for the more effective protection of human rights and personal data. The first steps have already been made in 1995 with EU Data Protection Directive. The General Data Protection Regulation, more known as GDPR, is the next one in the international legislation. This topic reveals the costs and benefits of such measures.

The main feature of GDPR is that it applies to all organizations and business that collects, maintains or uses the personal data of the citizens of EU. Another four key points you should know about GDPR will be considered below.

Accuracy and transparency

GDPR provided the new level of transparency that should lead to customers trusting business more and be more confident sharing their data. This means the personal data processing and using will be based on honesty and equity of the companies, with full regard to the EU laws. It also requires companies to inform the customers about purposes and methods of using their personal data in plain, accessible language. So there will be an increasing demand for communication between employees and customers for a better understanding of how their personal data is collected and further processed. Through the use of internal communication apps like Yammer, it is possible for the companies to add searchable, ready-made scripts that can fit each situation so that employees have the safe, correct wording for every situation on screen.

Integrity and confidentiality

While processing user data, companies must ensure the protection of personal data from unlawful or unauthorized processing, and accidental loss, destruction, and damage. A proven fact is the main cause of the data breaches is human interaction. This means companies should involve educational campaigns for the employees to mitigate the risks of data breaches caused by human error. In order to avoid the data escapes over hard copies and emails the companies can use the software such as Office 365. It warns an employee if there is a risk of printing or sending something which contains personal data by “raising red flags”.

Limited use and limited storage time

Data, under the new regulation, will be far away from the resource it was before. The data was once a goldmine of information that can be used whenever new insights appear. With GDPR comes into force it should be used only for the purposes that are declared by the companies. Moreover, GDPR obligates companies to ask for the data permission for each purpose data will be processed. Also, personal data should be stored for a period of time that is necessary for processing purposes.

Data minimization

Among other things, the new regulation requires that companies should collect data about their customers only for specifically defined purposes under which it was collected. It will exclude the creation of databases containing lots of useless data. Companies’ systems for data collection should be well designed and closely related to the exciting infrastructure of the employees what will eliminate the human factor. As a result, companies will get more valuable, lighter and clearer databases of customer data.

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