Did you know that when you are at lunch, I can see your messages, photos and browser history?

Who am I?

I’m not even a hacker  I could be your colleague, or just share an office space with you, or be a security officer at your company, or an employee at your favorite cafe, where you work on your laptop.

 There is a problem. There are cameras everywhere. Moreover, we always carry a camera with us in our phones. For example, when you type your password into your computer, I can pretend to look through something on my phone, but I am actually taking notes. It wouldn’t take very long to check the security cameras at your office and then I have all your passwords. The opportunities to use modern technologies are limitless. In a nutshell, if someone needs your password, he will get it

 Of course, they might need access to your computer while you are away, if you weren’t careless enough to use the same password for every account that is accessible from any device.
The conclusion is obvious – don’t enter a password or PIN by keyboard and especially don’t use an unlocking image. A better alternative is to use biometric authentication if your computer is equipped for with it. You can also purchase a hardware key, such as Hideez Key.

 There is also an affordable and reliable software solution we are working on. Like this post to receive a notification about the release of our application that will allow you to safely unlock Windows10 with your iPhone or Android phone. While it is under development, you can also add your suggestions for the features that are most important for you.